Manarola was our second stop of the Cinque Terre villages after Riomaggiore during my trip to Italy for Traverse in Trento. As with all the villages, I had quite the collection of Manarola photos by the time we left, so here’s my way of sharing my favorites!

If you’re hoping to swim, Manarola is one of the places that has some swimming options along with Monterosso al Mare and, to a lesser extent, Vernazza. Most people were hanging out on this little rocky area or on the boat ramp, so it’s not the most comfortable place to chill. It is, however, a cool place to swim if you don’t mind some crowds and onlookers. There’s a cliff right in the middle of the swimming area that you can jump off of!

Quick Little Manarola History

Manarola is possibly the oldest of the villages as its main church, San Lorenzo goes all the way back to 1338. The origins of its name are debatable — it could come from “Manium Arula,” which was a small temple for the dead or from “A Manaea,” a dialect term that refers to the wheel of the watermill. You can see what it looked like around the early 1900s from Antonio Discovolo’s paintings.

Getting to Manarola

Situated between Riomaggiore and Corniglia, the easiest and most reliable way to get to Manarola is by the train that runs between the villages. You can do the hiking between as well, but it was closed when we went. The ferry is another option, but it wasn’t going to the villages when we tried to go because of rough water.

Where to Stay in Manarola

Located in a medieval tower, the uber luxurious La Torretta Lodge is the most highly-rated. It includes everything from apertif to hot tubs and more. Ines Apartment is another great pick with its balconies and sea views, and Affittacamere Da Paulin is only 200m from the train station. Check here for more hotels in Manarola

12 of My Favorite Manarola Photos

And now for my favorite Manarola photos! I should also note this is one of the only places I saw a cat — he was chillin’ and sleepin’.

angled up view of pastel colored buildings

pink all with diagonal shadows and a white-ish plant and corner of a green door

gray striped cat sleeping on cement ground

manarola -- people standing around square rock cliff over water

Like I said a lot of onlookers to the swimming!

couple sitting on rock in blue water panoramic view of manarola where you can see the colorful buildings sitting on the cliff over the blue water boy jumping from cliff in swimming area in manarola

The cliff in question! If you watch my video up top, you can see one of the jumps in action to see how high it was.

cliffside view of Manarola -- colorful buildings

girl in white top and jean skirt with straw circle bag standing behind fence and looking at panoramic view of colorful buildings on cliffside in manarola colorful buildings in green hillside

five boats in dark blue water

colorful buildings on cliffside with some rowboats at bottom

And there you have it! Some of my favorite Manarola photos as well as some information about the village. Can’t wait to share the rest of them with you guys!

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