Where to Stay in Florence, Italy

Wondering where to stay in Florence? Check this guide below based on what you plan on doing and how long you want to stay!

Ahhh, Florence (or Firenze in Italian). As the capital of Tuscany and the literal home to the Renaissance, this city has more than earned its spot as one of the most incredible cities in Europe.

Back when I first visited Florence as a high school student, I fell in love immediately. We had all of three hours in one afternoon, and I spent a good few years imagining what it’d be like to be a writer holed up in an apartment somewhere here.

While I wasn’t able to return for another 15 years, I’ve been more than delighted to see that Florence has lived up to my grandiose memories. Whether it’s visiting world class museums, eating some of the absolute best food, or just wandering through the streets, I challenge even the most jaded traveler to not fall in love.

When it comes to planning your trip to Florence, the very first thing to consider is where exactly to stay. I’ve stayed in about… five different hotels at this point on my numerous visits and poured over countless hotel about pages while crossing them with my Google Maps pins. Save yourself all the time I’ve spent researching and simply use this guide below!

I’ve split the sections into the following, so you can just click to see:

Where to stay in Florence if…

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Where to Stay in Florence from First Time Visits to Long Term Stays

Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy

First Time/On a Budget: Within Walking Distance of the Train Station

By biggest tip when it comes to traveling most places in Italy is to stay within a 15-minute walk to the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. Chances are you’re traveling by train into whatever city you’re visiting, and you’ll want to just get your luggage to your hotel with as little struggle as possible.

This is especially true for Florence! There are plenty of cute little hotels an easy walk from the train station, and then from there you’ll be able to walk all around the main parts of the city.

Hotels Near Firenze S.M. NovellaWalking DistanceCosts
Hotel Palazzo del Borgo $$~ 10 minutesView Here
Hotel Alba Palace $$~ 10 minutesView Here
Ostello Bello $~ 5 minutesView Here
Ostello Bello Hotels (Hotel Anna) $$~ 5 minutesView Here
Hotel TSH Florence Lavagnini $$~ 11-15 minutesView Here
The Curator’s Daydream $$$~3 minutesView Here

If You Want a Place with Views: Look for Ones with Views of the Duomo

When it comes to that “wow view” in Florence, you really cannot do better than a view of the Duomo di Firenze (Florence Cathedral). This historic cathedral took 140 years to complete and is made from a mixture of marble and brick. All the detailed design you see on the exterior is thanks to its Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance influences. Just imagine staying somewhere where you can get the best views — all sans a crowd!

I will say these view comes with a major caveat – to get those views many of these hotels are very likely in or near Piazza del Duomo, aka the busiest and most popular area in all of Florence. Do not expect a quiet escape as there will be bustle through the night really no matter the time of year!

Hotels with Incredible ViewsHow to See the DuomoCosts
The Place Firenze $$$$book the suite with balcony or use the rooftop terraceView Here
Brunelleschi Hotel $$$book specific panoramic room or suite (best is the pool suite)View Here
The Milena $$$views from apartment windowView Here
Grand Hotel Cavour $$rooftop terraceView Here
Grand Hotel Minerva $$$rooftop pool, terrace, barView Here
Grand Hotel Baglioni $$B-Roof restaurantView Here
Laurus al Duomo $$breakfast room, rooftop terrace, book rooms with viewView Here
Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

For a Romantic Getaway: Along the Arno

I would say the nicest way to relax in Florence is to find somewhere along the River Arno. The main parts of town can be quite busy especially during high season, so it’s nice to have a quiet, beautifully decorated hotel with a scenic view to escape for some romance.

Most of these hotels aren’t near the train station, so you’ll definitely just want to get a taxi or ask your hotel to help with transfer unless you don’t mind lugging your suitcase through cobblestone streets.

Hotels Along the ArnoWhy StayCosts
Hotel Balestri $$rooms with balcony and river views, rooftop terraceView Here
Plaza Hotel Lucchesi $$rooftop pool and bar, rooms with viewsView Here
Astride the Arno $$$incredible balcony view of Ponte VecchioView Here
Palazzo Alfieri Residenza D’Epoca $$ rooms with river viewsView Here
Portrait Firenze $$$studios and suites with river viewsView Here
St Regis Florence $$$$rooms with review viewsView Here
Hotel Lungarno $$$rooms with river viewsView Here
Oltrarno, Florence, Italy

For Long Term Stays: Oltrarno

If you’re staying in Florence longer term, I’d actually eschew the main part of town and head across the river (Oltrarno) for more “local” neighborhoods. It’s much quieter once you cross one of those bridges, and it feels more like you can roam around and get to know your neighbors, local eateries, and small businesses a lot better than you would if you picked an apartment closer to the Duomo.

Obviously, if you’re staying long term you’ll want to look into long term rentals or full on renting, which I admittedly know nothing about.

I’ve personally only stayed here one night at Toscanelli Residenza d’Epoca, which is literally across from Pitti Palace. It’s a very cute stay where all the rooms are private but connected with a common room. A lot of really nice hotels are a stone’s throw from Pitti Palace while also being in a good spot to do some apartment hunting while scoping out the neighborhoods.

Here are some more hotels you might like in the same area:

Hotels/Apartments in OltrarnoCosts
Toscanelli Residenza d’Epoca $$View Here
Sorprarno Suites $$View Here
Pitti Pad $$$$View Here
Mamo Florence – Boheme Apartment $$View Here
Drago D Oro Suites $$$View Here
Soggiorno Pitti $View Here
B&Beatrice $View Here

And there you have it – a complete guide on where to stay in Florence whether it’s your first time visiting or you’re thinking of setting up a more permanent residence. Let me know if you need more help below or have some of your own advice to share!

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Where to Stay in Florence

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