Back with some more gorgeous pictures of Cinque TerreThis time here are my favorite Vernazza photos.

After Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Corniglia on our first day, we started our second day at this cute town. Looking back, when I was researching Cinque Terre and looking up photos, the photos that caught my eye the most were from Vernazza. It was so nice to stop here for breakfast and spend the morning walking around. While we didn’t do any of the trekking trails, we did wind up hiking up a bit to get some views from above!

Quick Little Vernazza History

Vernazza is considered one of the fishing villages to still feel quaint and traditional. It dates back at least as far as 1080 AD when it was a maritime base for the Obertenghi family. During the 1800s, it began producing wine, though many people left during the 1900s when the land wasn’t as good for agriculture anymore. (Though, both wine and olive oil production still continue today!) Now it’s, along with all the Cinque Terre villages, are know for their tourism.

Getting To Vernazza

Vernazza is between Monterosso al Mare and Corniglia, and you can easily get there by train. You could also use the ferry, but just be careful that it’s actually running! Sometimes the ferries won’t go to the villages if the water is too choppy.

And of course, the most scenic way is to use the trail that runs through all of Cinque Terre. We thought about walking the one between Vernazza and Monterosso but…didn’t haha. I swear I’ll come back one day prepared for an active holiday and hike the whole park if the trails are open!

Where To Stay In Vernazza

Vernazza would be such a cute pick to base yourself in Cinque Terre. I know it was Milou’s favorite of the five towns — it really was just such a charming area, even when we were there at the busiest time! DonnaBarbara is the best rated and you’ll even get a buffet breakfast daily while the beautifully decorated La Polena – Affittacamere has some of the prettiest views of the sea. And for those of you traveling with pets, Cadè Ventu is accommodating, though it’s a bit further from the center of Vernazza.

Check here for more hotels in Vernazza

16 of My Favorite Vernazza Photos

And now for my favorite photos! Basically, when we left the train, we walked down to the harbor after a nice breakfast.. I guess you could technically swim here as I saw some people by the water, but it’s not the best beach area for relaxing. There’s also kind of an outcrop (if that makes sense) that you can walk along and get a view looking back to the harbor. 

To get the views of the castle, you have to hike up a bit one one hillside:

And there you have it! Vernazza is quite a cute place, isn’t it? Have you been? What’s your favorite part of Cinque Terre?

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