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There She Goes Again is a conscious travel blog that focuses on thoughtful experiences, personal authenticity, and meaningful interactions. It was founded by me, Sam, back when I was living in Korea and spending my weekends hopping on buses and exploring places I hadn’t even known existed months prior.

With hundreds of blog posts published, my readers have come to not only trust my recommendations but also trust that I’ve probably done an absurd amount of research behind everything I write.

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There She Goes Again Readers

My readers are typically millennial women who not only want to travel but want to do so responsibly and stylishly. They get their destination inspiration from media, whether it’s reading a particularly descriptive book or watching a movie with incredible cinematography. When they travel, they go beyond the major sights and seek authentic eateries, hidden gems, and more. They’re conscious of their footprint both in the environment and cultures they’re visiting.

At a Glance

  • 42% North American, 39% Asian, 13% European
  • 67% female, 33% male
  • 18-24: 34%, 25-34: 28%, 35-44: 17%
  • Top Countries: USA, India, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and Germany
  • Top US States: CA, OH, NY, TX, FL
Restaurant Pub D'Orsay, Old Quebec, Quebec City, Canada

Who Am I?

I’m Samantha, friends call me Sam, and I’ve been traveling more or less since 2014 when I graduated college and boarded a plane for South Korea. Despite how much I’ve written about Korea, I was actually born in and adopted from China, and my culture growing up was very much suburban Philadelphia with a generous sprinkle of Irish catholicism and a dash of Jewish tradition.

Maybe it’s because of my varied identity, but I’ve always been curious about everything, which is why travel became so much of a passion, I turned it into my job!

When You Work With Me

Here’s what I can promise you when you partner with me:

  • Personal Storytelling – As this site is so personal to me, the only voices you’ll ever get are my own or a few of my friends who I trust and begged to write a post I knew they could do better than me. I make it crystal clear in all my guides where I’ve been and where I haven’t.
  • Professional Photography – My love of cameras began back in high school, and has only grown as I’ve been able to afford better equipment and study the technicalities of taking and editing pictures. Rest assured, anytime I’m working with a client, my Canon EOS Mark II is slung over my shoulder.
  • Overall Professionalism – My first real job ever was at McDonald’s, and I credit my first boss with instilling a sense of professionalism in me even if I was elbow deep in dried up burger grease. This goes for delivering content in a reasonable or agreed upon time frame AND with all interactions no matter what.
  • Well Written Content that Also Gets Views – Given I graduated magna cum laude with a double major in English and Spanish and have made a living off a travel blog, I like to think I know my way around the written word. There She Goes Again content balances both storytelling and information. I always strive to balance personal narrative with actually informative advice. As a result, I have content created from past collaborations continue to get thousands of views years later.

Site Statistics

There She Goes Again sees upwards of 110,000+ monthly page views with over 50,000 followers on social media. It also see sales of thousands of dollars monthly via affiliate links. **For the most up to date site statistics, please email

Past Campaigns

  • FLX Wine Country & Wineglass Marathon (2023)
  • Moon Guides Social (2023)
  • Lonely Planet Social (2023)
  • Moon Guides Blogging (2022)
  • Finger Lakes Wine Country (2022)
  • Lonely Planet Social (2022)
  • Visit Santa Barbara (2021)
  • Hotel Cerro in San Luis Obispo (2021)
  • Anantara Vietnam Properties (2021)
  • Victoria Phan Thiet (2020)
  • Azerai Can Tho (2021)
  • Azerai La Residence Hue (2020)
  • Topas Travel Vietnam (2020)
  • Visit Helgeland (2020)
  • Hotel Britannia (2020)
  • Destination Cleveland (2019)
  • Visit Kissimmee (2018)

How We Can Collaborate

  • Tourism Campaigns
  • Sponsored Coverage
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Product Reviews

I find the most effective forms of collaboration have combined initial social media coverage to spur inspiration and then blog coverage to help readers plan when they book their own trip.


I’ve been featured in Lonely Planet, Moon Guides, The Independent, Fodors, CheapOAir, Buzzfeed, and Domino. My Instagram has been re-shared on accounts like lonelyplanet, moonguides, afar, dametravler, northernnorway, femmetravel, passionpassport, matadornetwork, ig.korea, and igworldclub.

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