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Riverow Bookshop, Owego, NY

My 15 Favorite Reads of all Time

To me, a favorite book feels like a long term friend, and whenever I need to I can go back and reread to escape or find something I’m missing in my real life… Read More

Summer is HERE…

Temperatures are already heating up! If you’re like just about everyone else in this world, you’re probably planning at least ONE trip this summer…

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10 Underrated Places to Visit in 2024

Looking for some future travel inspiration? I took a look back at some of my past trips and put together a list of places to visit in 2024 I think everyone should consider… Read More


Hi, I am SAm, Sam I am

Welcome to my corner of the web! I started There She Goes Again when I was an ESL teacher in the countryside of Korea, and since then it has taken me all over the world!

As a classic millennial woman who was adopted from China and raised by two Philly-born and bred parents, I like to think that even as my travel style has evolved, the foundation has stayed the same:

Travel as respectfully, curiously, and unpretentiously as possible. (Ok and stylishly – I like a cute look!)

If you…

  • spend a lot of time on trip research
  • get inspired by books and films/shows
  • hate wasting money on bad food
  • stop for cats
  • don’t drink but love a good cocktail bar
  • have a very thorough packing list and outfit plan
  • love finding a unique souvenir
  • will absolutely stop and read every museum placard if you have time

… Welcome! You’re in the right place!

Lucky Hare Brewing, Owego, New York

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