Ooh Monterosso al Mare, probably tied with Riomaggiore for the most popular of the villages! Sharing my favorite photos from our very chill afternoon in this pretty place. 

Monterosso was our last stop on our Cinque Terre itinerary! Because it’s the one most known for its beach and swimming, we thought we’d pop over to it last and spend the afternoon sunbathing and swimming. It was a perfect plan, and the best way to end our little trip in the Italian Riviera!

Quick Little Monterosso History

Fun fact: Monterosso is named so because the ruling family that settled there had red hair! Its history goes back to 643, withs ome landmarks dating back to the 1200 and 1300s. Of all the villages, Monterosso feels more like a beach resort.

It’s split into an old and new village. Once you get off the train, walk through the tunnel to get to the old part. This is where we had lunch, dinner, and relaxed on the beach. 

Getting to Monterosso

Monterosso al Mare was the closest Cinque Terre village to where we stayed in Levanto! It’s next to Vernazza, on the train line and furthest from Riomaggiore. 

The easiest way, of course, is to use the train which will run all the way through La Spezia. You could also take a ferry to Monterosso, though, as I’ve said in other posts, be careful it’s actually running!

Of course, if you’re coming from Vernazza, you can use the Cinque Terre trail, which also has routes through Corniglia and Manarola as well, to get to Monterosso. I believe I read there’s a way to hike from Levanto to Monterosso, but I’d have to look into that a bit more. 

Where To Stay in Monterosso

If you want to stay in Cinque Terre, Monterosso is probably the most tourist-friendly. Il Giardino Incantato has a very cozy vibe and offers either an a la carte or Italian breakfast. La Casa di Andrea Relais has gorgeous terrace views and offers a buffet breakfast. Another cute option, B&B Il Parco is about  10-minute walk from the beaches but has its own outdoor pool and beautiful views. This one might be a good option if you want a bit of a getaway.

Check here for more hotels in Monterosso

25 Of My Favorite Monterosso Photos

Little lunch before the beach. How fun is that little hanging design?

The beach! Renting chairs was kind of expensive (I want to say somewhere round 15 euros for the day per person?), but you definitely want some to hangout. The sand gets almost too hot!

Dinner of more pasta. I got kind of tired of the bread and even pizza, but I never got tired of the pasta options haha

I recommend climbing up the side, starting on the path to Vernazza. The view of the beach below is quite stunning, especially at sunset.

And there you have it! A little guide and some of my favorite Monterosso al Mare photos. I definitely want to go back to Cinque Terre and do the hiking trails some day.

Have you been to Monterosso? Which of the villages was your favorite?

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