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Excited to share with you guys Elissa’s family visit to Europe! She and her family went to Italy for a week where the traveled by train around Northern Italy and Rome. For the first part of their Italian visit, they spent one day in Turin.

We stopped in Turin on our way from Paris to Venice, mainly to see the Egyptian Museum as I love all things ancient Egypt. This city is so beautiful, and the people are very friendly! It also didn’t feel touristy like Venice or Florence; we felt like we were experiencing the real Italy. My family definitely plans to return to Turin and explore it more. We only spent a day in the city and we wish we’d spent more time there!

Where is Turin?

Turin, or Torino, is the capital of the Piedmont region in northwest Italy. It sits along Po River and its closest major city is Milan, which is about 2 hours away by car and train.

Why Turin?

Turin has always played a significant role in Italy’s history. It first acted as the capital of the Duchy of Savoy and Kingdom of Sardinia, starting in 1563. It was actually Italy’s first capital for four years between 1861 and 1865. Because of this, it’s rich in museums, galleries, and architecture.

Since about WWII, it’s switched from being politically important to economically important, as it’s considered a part of Italy’s industrial triangle with Milan and Genoa. The most well-known brand based in Turin is FIAT.

For a more visual idea, here’s a super gorgeous video I found on Youtube of Turin!

How to Visit Turin

How to Get to Turin

Since we were in Paris beforehand, we took a train. However, if you’re flying into Italy, you’ll fly into Milan. From there you can go to Stazione Milano Centrale and take a train to Turin.

How to Get Around Turin

The city is small enough that you can walk it easily! However, if you do require some sort of transportation, there’s a hop-on, hop-off bus. It has three different lines, so you’ll want to see which one has the places you most want to go. Check here for more details

Where to Stay in Turin

We stayed in an apartment called Casamartina.

This apartment is so cute and it has just enough space (especially after sharing a hostel room in Paris) for a family of five with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood close to many of the sights, and the hosts were lovely and so welcoming!

Book Now

If Casamartina is booked, find more hotels here

Top Things to Do in Turin in One Day

Visit the Museo Egizio

This museum, founded in 1824, is the world’s oldest Egyptian museum. It has one of the most extensive collections of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt. Some highlights include, the Drovetti Collection papyri, artifacts from the Tomb of Kha and Merit, and the statue of Rameses II. Book a tour to skip the line here

See the Shroud of Turin in the Duomo di Torino; Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista

The Shroud of Turin is a centuries old sheet of linen cloth that has the faint impression of a crucified man. Many believe it’s Jesus Christ, though this is unlikely, and it’s been housed at the Duomo di Torino since 1578. They actually don’t normally have the shroud on display, just a large replica of it.

But, if you have time, it’s cool to see nonetheless and the cathedral is of course beautiful. It was built in the late 1400s and designed by Guarino Guarini and is still active today.

via pixabay

Visit Mole Antonelliana

Named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli, the Mole Antonelliana was originally meant to be a synagogue. Today it houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, which, of course, celebrates Italian cinema.

Check out the Fiat Lingotto Factory

This building used to house the Fiat car factory and even has a test track on the roof. Today it’s an entertainment complex.

People Watch in Piazza Castello

Piazza Castello is, of course, Turin’s main city square. From here you can see the baroque and neoclassical-designed Palazzo Reale, a palace from the House of Savoy that dates back to the 1600s. If you want to tour the actual palace, try this tour.

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Check out the Royal Crypt at Basilica Superga

Located just outside of Turin, on top of Superga Hill, this Catholic church was designed by Filippo Juvarra for Victor Amadeus II of Savoy. Here you can visit the royal crypt, which houses a number of tombs of kings from the House of Savoy.

Tours in Turin

For a more guided experience, try these tours:

What + Where to Eat in Turin

Order a Bicerin, a typical It’s a Turinese drink made of layered bitter hot chocolate, espresso, and whole milk…delizioso!

Caffe Torino

We went here and the bicerin was delicious! This cafe, founded in 1903, was also a favorite of Ava Gardner, James Stewart, and Brigitte Bardot. It’s located in the beautiful Piazza San Carlo Torino, and it was so nice to sit at the tables in the galleria and people watch.

Al Bicerin

This ciocolateria (chocolate house), founded in 1763, invented Bicerin and was a regular hangout for Alexandre Dumas, Puccini, and Nietzsche.

Food Tours in Turin

To get even more of Turin’s local cuisine, try some of these tours:

And there you have it! A guide on how to spend one day in Turin, an oddly still underrated city in Italy.

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Here's how to spend one day in Turin, Italy! From things to do, places to eat, where to stay, and more, it's all in this travel guide. #turin #thingstodointurin #italy #italytravel

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