When I first visited San Francisco in college, I was pretty smitten with the city immediately. The nice breeze, the temperatures that weren’t too hot or too cold, and this feeling of open air despite the city setting… Where do I sign up? I remember vaguely planning on trying to find colleges here in high school, but I couldn’t justify the price range plus all the costs of travel I’d accumulate over the four years… I know :/ Anyhow, I entertained the idea of a road trip last summer when I had three weeks off for vacation. I was dying to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, and it made sense to start in San Francisco and end in Los Angeles. Then Elissa told me her family was planning a long weekend in San Francisco and asked if I’d like to join. Of course! So we arranged our vacation dates to start at the same time and met up with her family at the airport to hang out around San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Monterrey Bay. While I’d like to have more in depth guides to these places as well as specific reviews, I also just have photographs I love that don’t necessarily fit into any specific post. With this series, I hope to share a few images to add to your travel inspiration! Without further ado, here are some:

Blue and white, a classic combination.
Designed after the Giralda Tower in Sevilla, Spain in a Beaux-Art Style. I believe the 1915 is from when SF hosted the World’s Fair?
Dear Ghirardelli, I know I’m betraying Hershey’s when I say this, but your chocolate is the stuff dreams are made of.
From Artesa Winery. I don’t drink (basically allergic), but I did pick up a bottle for my mom. Contrary to popular belief, a wine tasting does not actually mean you can wander off into the fields of any ole winery and prance around.
Postcards from San Francisco
When will an image of boats lined up and ready for the seas not be inspiring?

Have you been to San Francisco before? Hands down, the only way I’m moving back to the States for life is if I can live here. The city just seems romantic to me in a way I suppose New York is for a lot of people. Even the Golden Gate Bridge story is borderline poetic. Too bad real estate is through the roof expensive… A girl can dream, though, right?

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The USA is a massive country, and I always love discovering new places to visit. I’m actually pretty sure I’ll still be hearing of new gems when I’m 90 years old and need a wheelchair to get around! Since I’ve been interested in travel, I’ve visited a number of different places in the US alone. Check out some of posts:

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