2018 Update — Looks like this property has closed down

Located a little ways out of the main part of Hoi An Ancient Town, Salute Hotel and Villa is luxurious and the perfect place to escape to during your stay in Vietnam. It’s a beautiful building with a pool and tons of green decor to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. I stayed there with my friend for five nights, and it was definitely the most luxurious we felt during the trip, and, the best part, it was one of the cheapest places we stayed!

BED: Beds were awesome, clean, and comfortable.

BATHROOM: The bathroom is lovely and clean with a waterfall shower head option. It came with soap, shampoo, shower caps, towels, combs, and more. The nicest part was that we had cleaning ladies come in every day to keep the bathroom and room nice.

OTHER AMENITIES: We had a buffet breakfast every morning with fresh fruit and an option to get an omelet made. There was also the pool, which for whatever reason we didn’t take advantage of, and computers in the lobby area if you need.


HOST: The hosts were excellent for about 95% of the time, even accommodating us for an extra night when I mussed up the dates. I really thought they were friendly and pleasant right up until we had to leave, and they got a little rude when my credit card wasn’t compatible with their machine. (FYI credit card machines aren’t always up to date or something in Vietnam, because I had a bunch of problems everywhere, but in more international friendly places, it worked just fine.)

The whole friendly thing dropped instantly, as the receptionist grew impatient and irritated, which put a bad taste in my mouth upon leaving. Luckily I had taken cash out just in case this happened, but compared to Lily’s Hostel, where he remained friendly and calm, the difference was glaringly obvious.

Also, take their recommendations with a grain of salt. They definitely try to sell their friends’ places more than anything else. Between which tailor we should go to or the spa they liked best, we found better alternatives on our own each time.

They were great, though, at helping us book different trips, like to and from Da Nang, Marble Mountain, and My Son Sanctuary. So over all, as hosts they were 9.5/10 for me. Excellent most of the time, which makes the small moments when they’re not very obvious.

LOCATION: The location is actually awesome if you don’t mind a little walking and prefer a quiet place to return to at night. It was only about a 10-15 minute walk from Ancient Town, but it was also super humid when we were there, so if you sweat easily or are just exhausted, it might seem a little long.

PRICE: For a Superior Twin Private Ensuite, we paid $28.00/night.


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