Ummm, did you know the real place for thrills isn’t Disney World or even Universal Orlando, but Fun Spot America in Kissimmee, Florida?

Yep! There are actually three locations — Kissimmee, Orlando, and one near Atlanta, Georgia. I was lucky enough to be a guest of the park for one afternoon while I was traveling Kissimmee, and I had a total blast.

What is Fun Spot America?

Fun Spot America is a family-owned theme park that has been around in one form or another since 1979. The Kissimmee location sits right next to Old Town USA and is designed to surround a lagoon.

There’s a friendlier, more local atmosphere to the park than I got from the bigger parks. More importantly, though, their rides gave me that amazing, stomach-dropping, I-might-die feeling, I want from my theme park rides!


The World’s Tallest Skycoaster

You have to pay a little extra for this one, but it’s so worth it. Basically, you’ll get into a harness and then lifted up 300ft in the air. Once you’re up there, you pull a string, and you’re sent flying back down!

I really don’t get scared of heights — the steeper a roller coaster falls, the better. However, I found myself staring at the ground getting smaller and smaller and saying a little prayer just in case. They tried to convince me to go on and try their other harness, which is more of a sitting position, but I didn’t think I could put my nerves through it once more only a few hours apart!

Mine Blower Coaster

Mine Blower is one of three wooden roller coasters in Florida and it’s only a little over a year old! It gets up to 82 ft high and nearly 50mph, and you’ll go upside down. It’s awesome. If you’re there close to opening times, you might get lucky and be able to ride it more than once without waiting too long!

Vortex Track – A Multi-Level Go Kart Track

Fun Spot has the unique distinction of having two multi-level gokart tracks! I don’t think I’ve ridden a gokart in years, if ever, so this was a blast for me. Though I’m sure my fell go-kart drivers were wondering why I wasn’t actually racing haha.

The Ferris Wheel

Can’t not include a classic! Go up in the Ferris wheel around sunset to take in the views of the park and Old Town from above. And yes, even though it’s not in the park but in Old Town, your wristband should still get you in!

Check here for a full list of their rides and attractions

How to Visit

  • Address: 2850 Florida Plaza Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34746
  • Opening Hours: 2 pm-midnight or 10 am-midnight depending on the day (check here for your day)
  • Costs: These are their retail prices but they might be having a sale or deal, so check here for their updated prices:
    • $49.95 for a regular day trip
    • $59.95 to access the Skycoaster
    • $149.99 for a season pass + access to all three parks

Have you guys heard of Fun Spot America before? I can’t believe I hadn’t! It was so much fun, and now if I go back to Florida, I’m bringing whoever I’m with there!

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Disclosure: I was a guest of Fun Spot America courtesy of Experience Kissimmee. As always, all opinions are my own!

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