Here’s what I’m planning to read in February!

Sooo, already a little behind! And it’s already half way through February, oops! While I managed 3 books in January, I wasn’t in love with The Rose of Sarajevo, and I was busy, so it took me longer to read than normal. I’m currently reading The Storyteller’s Secret, which was January’s Book #4. Hopefully, I can play a little catch up this month, especially since I have a long flight to Malaysia at the end!

What I’m Reading in February

The Great Passage

Author: Shion Miura
Setting: Japan
Genre: Fiction

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I think I’m going to either love this book or hate it, and it all depends on the actual storytelling and translation! The book is mainly about Kohei Araki, a man who loves words and dictionaries. It’s time for him to retire from Gembu books, so he finds his replacement in Mitsuya Majime, a young man who loves linguistics and “antiquarian books.” The title comes from Majime’s big task, completing a 2,900-page book of the Japanese language.

Love in Exile

Author: Ayse Kulin
Setting: Istanbul, 1920s
Genre: Semi-Autobiographical Fiction

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Okay, I’m giving Kulin one more chance because I loved The Last Train to Istanbul but I was really not interested in The Rose of Sarajevo. She does such incredible research into her books, but I was so disappointed by the storytelling aspect of the latter title. This one is about Sabahat, a young Muslim woman in 1920s Istanbul. She falls in love with Aram, an Armenian student who’s also Christian. Apparently, it’s semi-autobiographical, so I’m hoping the storytelling is closer to LTtI than RoS. I just realized the Kindle Unlimited books I’ve been getting are also available on Audible, so I’m listening to this one!

The Snow Gypsy

Author: Lindsay Jayne Ashford
Setting: southern Spain, post-WWII
Genre: Historical Fiction

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I have a feeling the writing in this one isn’t going to blow my mind, but one of the negative reviews said she describe the settings to much, which is usually a positive for me! It’s about two women. Rose Daniels hasn’t heart from her brother in eight years, and she goes to Spain to search for him and his child. Lola Aragon lost her family eight years ago and has since been caring for an orphan. Their paths cross as they search for answers.

Butterfly Stitching

Author: Shermin Kruse
Setting: Iran
Genre: Fiction

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Ooh, I’m intrigued. The summary doesn’t have much, but it’s about a mother and daughter, Sahar and Samira, in Iran. As for the plot, all I have to go off of is, “Terrifying Iranian secret police. An inspiring forbidden love. And the horrors of war.”

No bonus reading this month since I’m way behind! What are you guys reading?

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