With a wedding, theme parks, and more, here’s what was on my light Orlando packing list for the week!

I’ve been telling myself for about a million years now that I wanted to get back to writing my packing list after my trips. But I usually forget to take pictures, or my outfits turn out to be less than inspiring (yoga pants and jackets). That doesn’t really make for particularly interesting packing guides.

But this time, I really focused on the outfits I wanted for the different parks, and I think I put together some nice enough looks!

Quick General Packing Tips

These are pretty obvious tips, but, just in case, here they are with my specific trip as an example.

1. Make a note of all the activities you need to dress for

Chances are there’s not going to much crossover between a wedding outfit and one for a day out at a theme park. Here are all the events I had:

2. Check the weather before you go.

I went in early November, and the weather was pretty warm and humid. It did say some days there might be rain, but I figured I’d buy an umbrella if it was too miserable out.

3. Figure out how many bags you want to bring.

I like to pack as light as possible, so I used the following:

Figure out your baggage because every airline has different allowances. Frontier is super cheap, so you have to purchase both carry-on and checked bags. Since they’re the same cost, I just checked mine.

The daypack acted as my personal item bag, and I also used it to carry my camera and things around Disney and Universal. Otherwise, I carried my Sol bag — out to dinner, wedding, bachelorette, etc.

My Looks in Orlando and Kissimmee

Disney Outfit

Actually, I switched into my Birkenstocks after Animal Kingdom because the Converses were still newer and rubbed against the side of my feet. I had two pairs of shoes with me because my friend was borrowing my Birks but needed to buy a pair of shoes because they were hurting her arches, so it worked out!

shop martie feminist tee, DIYed jean shorts, white slip-on Converses

Morning around Celebration Outfit

I just wanted something nice to walk around Celebration when I got breakfast my last morning and poked around. This is one of my new favorite dresses because it does so well in dressier situations while still being really comfortable. The only downside is that the Tencel material still does wrinkle a lot in transit.

Amour Vert Katerina dress, Target white round sunglasses, Torrid x Circus by Sam Edelman sandals

Bike Ride Outfit

Side note, if you guys saw my IG stories, you know I DIYed these jean shorts. I did a crappy job cutting the bottom, so I’ll fix that eventually, but they’re actually men’s baggie jeans. I got them from a nearby Goodwill.

Anyway, the bike ride was nice and relaxing, so this outfit was perfect for it.

H&M striped top, similar here, DIYed jean shorts, Mayari Gold Birkenstocks, Korea sunglasses

Universal Orlando Outfit

Obsessseddd with this cactus shirt and tie front T-shirts in general.

Old Navy cactus tie top, DIYed jean shorts, Mayari gold Birkenstocks, Korean sunglasses

Funspot America Outfit

These lighter shirts, like the cactus one and this H&M one, are really nice for being outside or long periods because they’re so breathable.

old H&M top, DIYed jean shorts, Target white round sunglasses, Mayari gold Birkenstocks

And here’s a quick few crappy photos of some outfits I didn’t quite get shots of:

Bachelorette – Same H&M top as Funspot and a jean wrap skirt I got from Goodwill all the way back in Oregon.

Airplane + Hot Air Balloon Outfit – Basically this outfit consists of a white shirt, cropped yoga leggings from Old Navy, Converses, and a jean jacket (also Old Navy). In my backpack, I put on a light scarf from Prana since I was flying from and to a colder weather destination.

Wedding Outfit – I actually wore a black wrap dress from Target. My mom and my sister thought the Amour Vert dress wasn’t dressing enough for a wedding (it would have been fine), so I brought this one too. It’s actually really comfortable, so I wore it to dinner another night. To dress it up, I had the same Torrid x Sam Edelman sandals. I’m too old and too impatient to deal with heels any higher than this haha.

My Orlando Packing List

I just started using packing cubes when I got back to the US, and they’ve been amazing for organization. I use these Eagle Creek ones and some ones I got in my swag bag from TBEX.

8 Tops

You probably need even less than I brought. I washed some of mine at one point and let them air dry.

  1. Old Navy Cactus Shirt
  2. Shop Martie Feminist Tee
  3. H&M White T-Shirt
  4. Old UNIQLO dressier top
  5. Old Navy jean jacket
  6. H&M striped long sleeved top
  7. Comfy pink NOLA long-sleeved T-shirt for bed
  8. H&M blue striped top

5 Bottoms

I didn’t even wear my black linen shorts because my jean ones fit a lot nicer. So really you need 3-4 tops.

  1. A jean wrap skirt from Goodwill
  2. H&M black linen shorts (didn’t wear at all)
  3. H&M black cotton shorts for bed
  4. DIYed jean cutoffs
  5. 3/4 Old Navy leggings

3 Dresses


A nicer pair, a comfortable pair, and a closed-toed pair for travel


  • 3-4 pairs of socks (didn’t need)
  • 4-5 pairs of underwear
  • 3 regular bras, 3 sports bras
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • Scrunchies + hair ties

Toiletries I Packed



Besides the phone and a reusable water bottle of some sort, you really don’t need the rest of these unless you’re working while you’re here or a photographer. I also bought this paperback with me, but I only read it once in the bath.

Extra Things I Bought/Accumulated

  • Ravenclaw crewneck sweatshirt (embracing my Pottermore results)
  • Willow wand
  • Disney Ears (borrowed from my friend)
  • Hermione pin (for my jean jacket)
  • Shampoo + conditioner bars from Celebration

And that’s about it for my Orlando packing list! Let me know if you think I missed anything below.

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