What’s it like working with Hoi An tailors to get handmade clothing? Here’s a bit into my experience when I visited Vietnam over one vacation!

Guys, of course, I had clothes made while in Vietnam! I have three different Pinterest boards full of style inspiration on my personal page, so I was not about the pass up the opportunity to fulfill some of those outfit dreams.

I have one of those figures that just likes to defy any kind of logic of regular clothing sizes, and I’m insanely picky with how things fit me (hence why I like to just wear giant, over-sized shirts a lot). Having something custom made for a decent price seemed too good to be true.

Hoi An tailors are quite famous as one of the must-dos in the town, so we knew we had to take advantage of their reputations.

Getting Tailor Made Clothing in Hoi An

Now, I wasn’t about to take my chances on popping into any shop, and with five days, I didn’t want to waste any time getting my dresses made. I did a lot of reading beforehand, finding other blogs to see what they did, where they went, and how their clothes have lasted them.

House to Laos has a fantastic guide to their process, and after one of their favorite shops happened to cross-check with where a friend had her clothes made, I decided to head towards one of Yaly Couture’s locations.

Hoi An tailors are a pretty popular subject when talking about this central Vietnamese city. With hundreds of options, here's our experience.

Yaly has a good reputation, and they work a bit more like a franchise. They have a ton of fabric selection, and you will only have one woman working with you the whole time. They don’t bargain.

Cotton is my favorite fabric and works well with my hatred of sweating, so I had a cherry red and a light navy dress made. I also talked to my tailor about how I hate dresses being too tight on my arms and armpits. We then figured out a neckline and where to have it hit on my waist, legs, and arms.

Hoi An tailors are a pretty popular subject when talking about this central Vietnamese city. With hundreds of options, here's our experience.

Michelle (my travel buddy) opted on getting a black dress and a floral top made.

Hoi An Tailors: What We Got Made

We only had to go back once more the next day for a final fitting, and then we picked up our dresses later that afternoon.

Totally last minute, we decided to have leather bags made as well. I got a black leather bucket bag (putting all those years of selling purses and understanding their features to good use!), and Michelle got a black leather tote bag and a suede olive green clutch.

The couple who ran the shop was just so pleasant and friendly to work with (plus their toddler son is precious). They didn’t try to hustle or rush us, so we both would really recommend buying from them. You can find them at 69 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

Hoi An Tailors: What We Got Made

2018 Update

Thought I’d jot down a quick update now that it’s been about 2 years since we had these things made! I’ve gained a decent amount of weight so my dresses don’t fit me :(. They’re still in great condition, though the fabric does wrinkle easily. I’m keeping them safe at home until I lose the weight! I remember talking to Michelle at one point, and she realized once she was back in Korea that her dress cuts her a bit shorter than she’s comfortable with, so that’s just something to keep in mind!

Have you ever had anything made abroad? Share your pics!

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  1. Hi Sam,

    I was wondering if you knew of any good spots for men’s shirts or pants and if they had like one or two day turn arounds just because that’s how long I am currently planning to stay in Hoi An.


  2. Hey,
    I’m just about to head to Hoi An (tomorrow!) and trying to figure out how to handle this whole tailoring thing, so thanks for the post.

    Is it rude to ask how much your dress cost? I’d love to have some sort of idea before I head into the unknown.


    1. Hi J!

      Not a problem. Both of my dresses were $60 or $65 (I forget the exact) each. It’s definitely a little more, but the quality is great and I still have them. Yaly Couture is definitely the most reliable from all I read. Hope that helps!

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