If I’m staying somewhere a bit longer term, I prefer staying at an Airbnb or some sort of apartment rather than a hostel or hotel. I think it has to do with buying my own groceries and feeling more at home. I stayed in Cape Town for a solid week between my trip along the Western Cape and flying to Port Elizabeth, so I decided to book this apartment in the center of City Bowl District (CBD).

I’m not going to lie it was pretty much solely on the photos in the listing. If I could decorate any of my apartments like this, I would in a heartbeat! Read below for my full review, and see if you’d like to stay here yourself!

Staying at an Airbnb in Cape Town


The bed is ridiculously comfortable! The pillows sink a little, but if you double up, you’ll be fine. The whole bedroom area is set aside from the main area in its own nook. I just loved how cozy it is. With a window full of plants and the open closet look, you’ll want to stay in bed all day (which I may have done…)


The bathroom is gorgeous. The toilet is in a separate room from the sink and shower area. The shower has a waterfall head (with a few plants in there as well!), and the sink area has a ton of space. I mean, look how gorgeous that hardware is!

Other Amenities

As you can see, there’s a fully stocked kitchen with everything you need. There are even some extra things like chia seeds and what not in the cabinet.

You also have a whole sitting area with a daybed style couch and a pocket wifi strong enough to stream movies!

The only downside is that there isn’t AC or a fan. It’s not usually much of a problem because Cape Town was pretty windy and the nights are cool, but there were one or two days where I kept splashing water on my face because I got so hot.


So the reason my host(s) own this apartment in the first place is that they split their time between Cape Town and London. I imagine they keep most of their things in London because this apartment is pretty emptied out in terms of personal belongings! My host was super nice and even left a bottle of wine in the fridge if I wanted to have some. She responded pretty quickly to my messages, and even let me know where the closest grocery store was.


Right on Long Street, the apartment is incredibly central to Cape Town’s downtown area. It’s in front of Company Gardens and a fairly short walk to Bo Kaap. If you want to tour using the hop-on-hop-off bus, it’s also close to their main offices.

This is both ideal and not ideal, depending on how you handle noise. Because it’s on Long Street, you can very much hear all the club noise at night. Like clear enough that you could have your own dance party in your apartment. It didn’t bother me enough to notice, and the host both warns you about this and offers ear plugs in case it does.


It’s about $59/night, plus a 10% discount if you stay for a week.

Where to Book

Book on Airbnb! Use this link and get $40 off your first trip!

Overall Rating



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