Chiang Mai was another place we had a little difficulty booking right away as the prices were a little higher than Siem Reap and Bangkok and room options weren’t as favorable (at least from what was available). While Stay With Me Guesthouse didn’t blow me away, it was definitely a good place to stay. It’s within walking distance of the main town area, and it’s easy to catch taxi vans to wherever you want to go!


I shared a double bed with Lauren, and it was very comfortable. It took up most of the room, but we had enough space for our belongings, and we even had a TV to check out what’s popular in Thailand.


The bathroom wasn’t my favorite. It was shared with everyone else and included one toilet and one shower area. So, yeah, you had to wait if anyone else was using it. And it wasn’t in an enclosed space, so if it was humid, the smell doesn’t dissolve as quickly.

Other Amenities

Our room had air conditioning in some of the rooms, but not all have them, so make sure to check that out before you book if that’s important to you. Otherwise, they have a little lounge area, and you get water in your room.


Our host was polite, but not particularly warm or friendly.

Stay With Me Guesthouse in Chiang Mai


It was a decent location from what I recall. We walked mostly everywhere from our hostel. It’s a taxi ride away from the bus station, but nothing expensive. You have to haggle with the taxi drivers because there are no meters, but Chiang Mai is over all quite laid back, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off like in Bangkok.


Double Room with Shared Toilet about $38 for room for night.

Where to Book

Check here to compare prices

Overall Rating

8/10. It was cute and comfortable, but not amazing like other places I’ve been

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Words and Photographs by Samantha

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