Naejangsan National Park is hands down one of the most beautiful places in Korea. And I promise, you only need to hike a little.

Since Naejangsan is probably my umpteenth time talking about autumn in Korea, I’m sure you’ve guessed it’s my favorite season. I’m a pretty visual person, so I find the sudden burst of colors everywhere energizing.

Not to mention the fact that the temperatures tend to be pretty perfect, not too humid and not quite cold just yet. This last fall I’ve tried to take advantage of the beautiful weather, walking outside a bit more, exploring Korea’s mountains, and leaving my windows open for the fresh air.

Naejangsan: Beautiful Even When Raining

Naejangsan National Park

One of my friends mentioned that she took her mother to see the fall foliage in Naejangsan. After seeing photos I knew I had to go there myself. Elissa happened to be visiting me that weekend and was kind enough to not mind hopping on another bus to Jeongeup after spending 3 + hours on a bus from Seoul. Apparently, this park is quite famous among Koreans for seeing the fall leaves, but it’s not too famous

Apparently, this park is quite famous among Koreans for seeing the fall leaves, but it’s not too famous overall just yet. Unlike Daedunsan, the cable car ride didn’t have waiting times, and we actually found ourselves with space to ourselves both times.

Naejangsan: Beautiful Even When Raining

What I also loved was that the cable car window was totally open on one side. This way you can see the mountainside and all the colors without a dirty window blocking your view. If you take the cable car, definitely make sure you go to the observatory to see your surroundings. It’s absolutely stunning, even in the rain we had!

If it’s not raining, I recommend going for a bit of a hike. Elissa did a long hike with her friend last year, and she said it was gorgeous! Unfortunately, it was raining pretty bad when we got there, so we opted out of hiking. We missed seeing a lot of the temples and natural structures within.

Naejangsan: Beautiful Even When Raining

Tips for Visiting Naejangsan National Park

  • Korean Name: 내장산국립공원
  • Address: 전라북도 순창군 복흥면 봉덕길 일원
  • English Address: Bongdeok-gil, Bokheung-myeon, Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Cost: 11,000 KRW for the cable car (depends though), I believe it’s free to hike
  • Opening: Sunrise to Sunset



  • Go to Jeongeup Bus Station. There are direct ones from Seoul.
  • You can take the local Bus 171 to 휴게소.버스터미널/ Service Area + Bus Terminal. OR
  • Take a taxi from the bus station to Naejangsan. It should be around less than 10,000 won. We got out and walked when we saw how long the line was.

For more hiking in Korea:

Naejangsan: Beautiful Even When Raining

Is Naejangsan on your Korea bucket list? Where are your favorite place to see all the fall colors?


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