2023 UPDATE: Well, as with all truly trendy cafes, Seoulism as it was when I visited is no more! After someone commented asking if they were open, I checked their Instagram and sent them a message. It looks like they closed for a few months in the summer of 2023 and have plans to open back up as a bar! You can always check their Instagram and message them.

I’ve finally made it to perhaps one of the trendiest cafes in Seoul right now, Seoulism!

If you follow anyone who’s based in Korea’s capital city in the last two years, you’ve definitely see at least one photo of Lotte World Tower framed with the bright SEOUL sign at the bottom on Instagram.

Seoulism opened in late summer 2017 and since then has been incredibly popular, with there usually being lines waiting to get to the famous rooftop photo spot.

Luckily (kind of), I met up with my friend, Marie, on a very rainy weekday early in the afternoon, so there was virtually no one there. We were actually a little worried the rooftop would be completely closed, like the Stylenanda Pink Hotel cafe, but lucky for us it was still open!

Of course, the views would be much prettier with a blue sky or sunset, but they’re still worth it even as the rain comes pouring down!

Seoulism Cafe


When you first take the elevator up, you’ll see two doors which are the entrance. They almost don’t look like the entrance, but they are. When we went there was a piece of paper with the times taped to them.

You need to buy a drink to be in the cafe. Just a warning, they’re quite expensive as the drinks and snacks usually are at these trendy places. I got their signature drink, a coconut frozen latte.

The Seoulism Patio/Deck

There are a lot of interior options to sit and relax with your friends. Marie already found some seats out on the patio/deck area which was covered, so you can still sit there in the rain. It has a nice enough view itself out to the tower and buildings below. I can imagine how packed it is when the place is busier!

The Interior

Seoulism’s interior alone is pretty fun! I’d actually take my laptop and work here during a slow day like when we went because it was so nice and cozy. Of course, because most people come for the rooftop views, the rest of the cafe is virtually empty:

And, of course, it has its own quirky photo spot that feels quite retro. Definitely don’t skip it if you’re coming for the rooftop!

The Rooftop

Of course, the highlight of the cafe is the rooftop! We went before we left to take some fun photos and got quite soaked in the rain haha. Above the cafe is a wedding photography studio, so we were joined by a couple braving the rain too!

It’s such a fun photo op, and it’s supposed to be stunning at sunset. From what my friends have said, you have to wait in line and it’s purely just to take a photo and move on. No opportunity to really sit and take in the view, which makes the rainy day a bit nicer as no on was rushing us away.

Seoulism Menus

Seoulism Brunch Menu

Now for what you can actually eat and drink! Like I said, the cafe is pretty expensive, so I wouldn’t plan to eat much here. Just one drink and one pastry can set you back 20,000 KRW which seems like a lot even for Seoul!


  • Salted Caramel Cream latte: 8,500
  • Coconut Frozen Latte: 11,000


  • Espresso: 7,000
  • Long Black: 7,000
  • Latte: 7,500
  • Flat White: 7,500
  • + Vanillia: 500
  • Einspanner: 8,000
  • Today’s Iced Drip: 11,000
  • Cold Brew Coffee: 11,000
  • Cold Brew Latte: 11,000


  • Berry Ade: 8,000
  • Berry Milk: 8,000
  • Apple Mint Milk Tea: 8,500
  • Matcha Latte: 8,000
  • Choco: 8,000

Depending on when you go, there are also seasonal drinks to choose from. In late summer, there was everything from dark choco frozen to lychee lime frizz. I imagine in the winter, there are some warm drink options instead!

Tavalon Tea

  • Mango Melang: 9,000
  • Fruits Dream: 9,000
  • Chamomile: 9,000
  • Rooibos Vanilla: 9,000
  • Serenity: 9,000
  • Peach Oolong: 11,000
  • Rose Oolong: 11,000

Brunch Dishes

  • Avocado Salmon Sandwich: 18,000
  • Smoked Salmon Salad: 18,000
  • Avocado Shrimp Sandwich: 18,000
  • Big Breakfast: 22,000

There’s also pastries and deserts for around 7-8,000 KRW.

Seoulism Evening/All Day Menu

Cocktail Menu

  • Fresh Lime Mojito: 18,000
  • Fresh Lemon Mojito: 18,000
  • Passionfruit Mojito: 18,000
  • Bailey’s Cream: 18,000
  • Piña Colad: 18,000
  • Gimlet: 17,000
  • Cosmo: 17,000
  • Martinmiller’s Gin & Tonic: 17,000
  • Koval Dry Gin & Tonic: 17,000
  • Malibu Sunset: 17,000
  • Dry Martini: 17,000
  • Apple Martini: 16,000
  • Apple Pie Cinnamon: 16,000

Draft Beer

  • Stella Artois 330ml: 11,000
  • Stella Artios 500ml: 13,000
  • Hand & Malt Slow IPA 355ml: 11,000
  • Hand & Malt Hop Cider 385ml: 11,000
  • Duchess de Bourgogne 330ml: 19,000


  • Fresh Lime Mojito: 18,000
  • Fresh Passionfruit Mojito: 18,000
  • Fresh Lemon Mojito: 18,000
  • Moscowmule: 18,000
  • Virgin Piña Colada: 18,000
  • Glue Vine: 15,000
  • Cold Brew Coffee: 11,000
  • Cold Brew Latte: 12,000

Glass Wine

  • House Wine Red: 13,000
  • House Wine White: 13,000
  • Sangria: 15,00
  • Gluehwein: 15,000

Bottle Wine

  • Jean Balmont, Pinot Nor: 65,000
  • Macho Man, Monastrell: 98,000
  • Il Furetto, Brachetto: 55,000
  • Cloudybay, Sauvignon Blanc: 105,000
  • Jean Balmon, Chardonnay: 65,000
  • Charles de Fere Organic Sparkling Wine: 105,000
  • Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne: 155,000
  • Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne: 155,000
  • Bordeaux Chateau Lacoste, Garzac: 54,000
  • Cotes du Rhone, Le Vieux Truffolier: 51,000
  • Paul de Coste, Rose: 53,000
  • Langued-Oc-Roussillon Fitou Reserve: 49,000
  • Paul de Cost, Blanc: 52,000
  • Cotes du Rhone, Vacqueras: 96,000


  • Cheese Plate: 25,000
  • Nacho Plate: 18,000
  • Beef Chili & Bread: 26,000
  • Gambas: 28,000
  • Ham Plate: 25,000
  • Seoulism Big Platter: 35,000

Quick Info for Seoulism

  • Korean Name: 서울리즘
  • Address: 서울 송파구 백제고분로 435 예스빌딩 1, 6층
  • English Address: 435 Yes Building 1, Floor 6, Baekjae Goboon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • Instagram: @seoulism_official
  • Opening Times: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm, open til 12:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays

How to Get to Seoulism: Directions

It’s insanely easy to get to Seoulism, but it’s almost like they hid the entrance! Just get off at Songpanaru Station (송파나루역), Exit 1 and walk less than 5 minutes. You’ll get out next to one corner building, then pass by one, and then the 3rd building is what you’re looking for.

The cafe is on the 6th floor, and I personally walked by it twice before realizing I had to go in.

Even in the building, you won’t see a sign for Seoulism until you get into the elevator, and then you’ll finally see the little “Seoulism” sign next to the 6F. But there it’s there, and you’re not in the wrong place!

If you walk to a church called Seongseok Church (성석교회), you went one building too far.

Other Places Near Seoulism

Lotte World & Seokchon Lake

You can walk to Seokchon Lake and Lotte World from Seoulism, so if you’re spending the day in the area, and the weather is nice, head over to enjoy the theme park! Maybe even go over first and head to Seoulism later in the day for better light. Do not miss the lake during cherry blossoms season because it’s absolutely stunning.

Lotte World Tower & Seoul Sky Observatory

And, of course, you’re not too far away from Lotte World Tower, which is where you can find the Seoul Sky Observatory! It’s another cool view of all of the city and, of course, it’s the tallest building on the peninsula.

And there you have it! All about the fun and trendy Seoulism cafe and how to visit! Have you been? What did you think?

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  1. Hi. do buildings 1, 2 and 3 have names? And do you still have a photo of the 3rd building you mentioned where Seoulism is?

    You also mentioned in the comment that they are now a bar? So their operating hours are now at night?

    1. Not that I remember, but if you plug it into KakaoMap to see. And no.

      As I mentioned in the intro; I’d message them on Instagram for anything regarding the change to the bar including their new hours.

  2. Hello :) Just wanted to know if the cafe is open at the moment? I got confused about Google telling me it’s closed. Hopefully not 🤞🏼 Thanks for the information. 😊

    1. Hi! Their Instagram still seems active but it’s showing marriage proposal rentals? I just messaged them on Instagram to check if they’re still a cafe too!

  3. Hi Sam, the café looks amazing. It has a very tasteful décor- looks like a right combination of cozy and luxury. Would love to go out there with friends some day!

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