Tucked in an alleyway off the main backpacker road of Bui Vien, if you don’t know where to go, you might walk right past Lily’s Hostel. Because it’s a little way down the alley, you don’t suffer from the noise that can flood the main road (particularly when trying to sleep at night). I stayed there for three nights on the first leg of my Vietnam trip and chose to book a double bedroom so that my friend, who was joining me later, didn’t have to find another place. It’s a small hostel, but it’s well designed and clean, and in a city known for its hectic nature, it’s a lovely place to return to at the end of the day.


I had a double bed that was incredibly clean and comfortable. The rooms are pretty small, so the bed took up most of the space.


Our bathroom was in our room. If you’ve traveled to SE Asia, you know the drill: the whole room is your shower area. It’s nice, though, as the toilet is pretty far from the shower head, so it won’t get wet. The water stays warm, though the water pressure is on the lighter end. You also are given soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, Q-tips, combs, and shower caps. There is also a hairdryer, though ours was tucked into a draw outside of the bathroom.


Other Amenities

You’re given breakfast in the morning. There’s a menu, and you simply order, and the main female receptionist will cook it up for you right there. There’s also a small locker in the room, luggage storage, and a TV. There is a mini bar, but the prices are good and comparable to going to the nearby convenience store. There are also walking maps, brochures, etc at the main desk, and the host can help you book anything.


Our hosts were absolutely lovely! There are a man and a woman who take turns, and they’re both incredibly friendly. When I got back on my first night, it was the night before the Lunar New Year (Tet), and he invited me to eat some bánh chưng. They also helped us book all our taxis and tours.


It’s right off the main road, and so it’s a lot quieter. You can easily walk everywhere in District 1, which is where all the main attractions are, in the first day.

Where to Book

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Overall Rating


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