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Yep, I asked my supervisor (head teacher? I’m not sure) when I could expect to start and move in, and he replied with September 1st and August 28th respectively. If you’re reading that, then, yes that’s going to be nearly 30 days since I hopped on the plane to come here.

Thank the freaking lord I have lovely friends in Korea that are still here. I’ve been staying in Mokpo with Nicole and her boyfriend, and my friend, Stephanie, asked a Yeosu friend if I could crash at her spare apartment if needed. There are some Airbnbs in Busan that I could stay at, but, honestly, I’m not trying to spend more money than necessary.

I also had to put my foot down about coming in multiple days (before my unknown start date) to shadow and introduce myself. The thing about Korea and working for Korean companies is that they’ll ask and take (in, of course, the most polite way possible) from you until you put your foot down and say no. Luckily, the teacher I’m taking over for is absolutely lovely and sort of gets it after 11 years teaching here. I’m meeting her for coffee next week after my introduction, and she’s nice enough to show me around. I skyped with her before we went to Jeju (I think I forgot to mention that), and it was nice getting all the info from someone who’s actually held my teaching position.

Anyhoo, you can see why I say #Korea or, as my friend says, “Korean surprise!” It’s both lovely and mildly frustrating being back, and I just can’t wait to have my visa, move into my apartment, and settle down into a schedule.

In travel news, Jeju was gorgeous but humid! I really need to get myself to take more sunrise and sunset photos because no matter how skilled I get at Lightroom, you just can’t mimic the colors and tones you get during golden hour.

Nicole’s friend, Jasmine, came and joined us last minute for the latter half of our trip, and it was fun having another person along. She’s one of the friends I met on my first night back. We went to quite a few different places (sweating the whole time), and I’m working on a cumulative Jeju guide to cover it all. Oh and I managed to lose one of my credit cards. I’m not sure how, but that was an annoying discovery…

I think that’s about it for now. My birthday is this week! Can’t believe I’m turning 25…

Things I’m Loving:

  • Still obsessed with the Atomic Blonde soundtrack.
  • We just watched The Lobster last night. I don’t know that I’m loving it, but it’s definitely… interesting. And also kind of hilarious at times.
  • Also loving SNSD’s comeback album and Jessica’s comeback song “Summer Storm.” Just patiently waiting for them all to reunite.
  • In the middle of Big Magic for book club next week as well! Will let you know what I think later. I think I started my hard copy but left it at home, so I never finished it or got very far.

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