#Korea is a weekly series on my blog documenting my time leading up to and during to my year in Korea. It’s very much unedited, stream-of-conscious writing! Check out the original post for a longer explanation here

WEEK 15: JULY 16TH – JULY 22nd

It’s weird to think, but I’ve been in three different states in this last week! I’m currently writing this from my friend, Allison’s apartment in Wyoming as we watch a wine documentary on Netflix.

Right now things are down to the wire! I hope by my next #Korea, I can tell you have my passport and visa firmly in hand. I found out I don’t need to wait for them to ship anything to me. I’ll get an email with a confirmation number and such, which cuts down on time considerably.

This last Monday I drove home to Pennsylvania from my friends’ place in Rhode Island. Before I went, we, of course, ordered sushi and watched the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 Premiere. Then Monday morning, we went to a sunflower farm. I really wanted to take some sunflower photos (#basic) before I left! We were about a week too early to really see the field in bloom, but we did manage to get some lovely shots.

I then drove home to spend some time with my family and pack up my entire life! I’d already done quite a bit of decluttering both after reading The Magic Art of Tidying Up and packing up my childhood home This time around wasn’t too difficult.

I officially managed to get my things in a carry-on, regular-sized suitcase, tote bag, and two medium-sized boxes for my mom to ship over once I know my address. There are some clothes and keepsakes I put into about 2-3 boxes to keep in storage, but otherwise, I cleaned everything out of the room I shared with my sister.

Then yesterday, I flew to Denver where I met my friend Allison. We were supposed to stay in Denver for the weekend and collaborate with a hotel, but things went quite awry and we wound up going back to her place in Wyoming instead. Tomorrow we’re going to drive through Medicine Bow Forest and enjoy the views!

Some things I’m loving:

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