Read on for some of our favorite quirky things to do in Seoul, South Korea, a country known for its fun activities. Hint hint, one of them involves poo.

If you’re looking for some of the more quirky things to do in Seoul, then this list is for you!

Did you know Seoul was one of the must-visit cities in 2017? Both NatGeo and Lonely Planet named it in their 2017 lists.

Seoul’s a vibrant city with a little bit of something for everyone. History and architecture lovers would enjoy strolling the massive palace grounds. It’s a mecca for any fashion or beauty lovers. Even outdoor enthusiasts will be surprised by the hiking trails all around the city. And, of course, for those who are looking for quirky things to do in Seoul, there’s plenty.

This is the city that brought you “Gangnam Style,” and then created a giant purple and yellow photo prop to celebrate its global popularity.

While the possibilities really are limitless, I picked out a few experiences not to miss while you’re visiting. Some of these I’ve been able to do, and some I had on my list but never got a chance to personally experience! However, those I didn’t, I have had plenty of friends vouch for them.

If you’re visiting Seoul and short on time, Trazy has plenty of tours around the city. You can peruse them here.

10 Quirky Things to Do in Seoul

trick eye museum

1. Check out the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae.

Hongdae itself is a treasure trove of fun activities, but none are quite as famous as its trick eye museum. Pretend to hang upside down, get eaten by a shark, and that paintings can come to life all in this place. Koreans love trick eye features. You’ll find them spread out throughout the country, but the most prominent ones are here.

Bonus! The Trick Eye Museum also has the fun CaFace, where you can drink an 8,500 KRW latte with your image on it, and the fun X-rated Love Museum. Check out my full guide to the Trick Eye Museum here (SOME NSFW).

For discount tickets, check here.

2. Indulge in alllll the funky skincare products you can get your hands on!

Snail cream? Honey butter face masks. Animal face masks. You name the trendy ingredient, and I guarantee you at least two of the popular skincare brands have something to offer. My favorites for more funky skincare trends is Etude House or Tony Moly. For something more classic, I swear by Innisfree.

3. Pull out your best “PPAP” dance at Norebang

If you don’t know what PPAP is, do yourself a favor and watch this video. Anyhow, norebang is Korea’s karaoke. Gather your friends in a dark room, pick out your songs, and sing the night away. And yes it’s more fun if you get excited and dance a little. Alcohol will help loosen up your more reserved friends, and no one can resist a good “Wonderwall” or “Call Me Maybe.”

4. Write down your dreams in a Giant Camera.

Head way out of the city to see the gorgeous Dreamy Camera Café. Sit down and enjoy some coffee, write down your dreams, and admire the camera theme all around the interior. This is truly a place to slow down and admire the scenery.

For tours that include the Dreamy Camera Café, check here.*

5. Head to a K-pop Show.

Nothing quite compares to seeing a K-pop singer or group in person! Whether you’re in it because you’re not-so-secretly harboring a lifelong crush on one of the idols *cough* or you want to experience what it feels like to be among hardcore fans, it’s an experience you’re just not going to have elsewhere.

There are chants fans learn specifically for songs. Even the quietest looking young girl will turn violent should you get in her line of view, and you’ll be impressed with the intense dance moves on stage. Trust me, I’ve been to a Taylor Swift concert twice. Swifties ain’t got nothin’ on Kpop fans.

Getting into a show can be crazy and competitive (and not guaranteed). If you want to guarantee your spot, Trazy has tickets on sale for The Show.*

Explore one of Seoul's more off the beaten path areas: Ihwa Mural Village. A charming little art village off of Hyehwa Station, Ihwa is small and intimate.

6. Go on a Date Around Ihwa Mural Village.

Need a cute place for photo ops or a date? Head over to Ihwa Mural Village, one of the more charming quirky things to do in Seoul. It’s a lovely area with beautiful views to Namsan tower. Check out all the fun paintings, but make sure to stay quiet to respect the residents.

For a walking tour of Ihwa and Dongdaemun, check here.

7. Hang out with cats, dogs, sheep, or snakes in cafés.

There are so many random animal cafes in Seoul, and as far as I’ve researched, most are well taken care of (of course, always do your reserch before you go!). While the coffee might be a little overpriced and subpar, getting to pet and hang out with a bunch of kitties more than makes up for it.

8. Head to Petite France for a storybook escape.

Head on the subway and visit Petite France for a very storybook, imaginative version of France! Colorful buildings, quirky paintings, and fun attractions, it’s great for an afternoon adventure. Combine it into a day trip with the Garden of the Morning Calm or other Gapyeong/Chuncheon sites.

Check here for tours that include Petite France.*

9. Get drunk off Soju at a 7-11 (or GS25).

Soju is truly a unique alcoholic experience. As a college friend once said, it’s like they want you to feel like total crap the next day! While you can head to bars for fancier soju, a good ole green bottle from the nearest convenience store will do the trick. Every store usually has some plastic tables outside for this purpose.

10. Sip your coffee from a toilet bowl at the Poop Café.

Of all the quirky things to do in Seoul, this one takes the cake. Koreans think poop is cute. I don’t understand it, but I legitimately had one of my students want to show me her friend’s poo (which she took a photo of) because she thought it was cute.

Poop is actually my weak point. Like if I find out the toilet situation is dire, it factors in me deciding not to go. So going to the poop café in Sinsadong took quite a bit of personal convincing, but I went. Behold poop decor, poop pillows, toilet bowl coffee, and more. No actual poop in sight, but you will find quite the homage to toilets, especially squat potties, and poo’s spiral shape.

What are some quirky things you’ve done in your city?


Read on for some of our favorite quirky things to do in Seoul, South Korea, a country known for its fun activities. Hint hint, one of them involves poo.

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