I’ve said this a few times now, but without a doubt, Florence is still one of my favorite places in the world. Even now, after having traveled more through Europe and Asia, it sits in the top five.

Of course, part of this is its incredible architecture. From Brunelleschi’s dome to Ponte Vecchio to the Uffizi Gallery, I remember turning in circles trying to take in the beautiful facades and structures on my first trip.

It wasn’t just visual, though. After all, there are plenty of architecturally significant cities and towns all over Italy and Europe. What makes Florence so special is the artistic spirit that seems to still permeate the city. It’s as though the spirit of the Renaissance lives on over half a century later.

One of the best examples of this can be seen in the boutique hotels of the Lungarno Collection. Founded by the family of Salvatore Ferragamo in homage to his iconic style and hospitality, the Lungarno Collection is renowned for mixing this aforementioned artistic spirit with utterly refined luxury. With every detail that goes into a Lungarno hotel, there is an incredible passion for design, creativity, and innovation.

You may remember I first talked about Lungarno when I highlighted their lovely Hotel Gallery Art, Italy’s first design hotel.

I love researching luxury hotels the way I love researching my favorite clothing designers. From the thread count of bed sheets to the surrounding views, there’s an art form to creating a luxury hotel. When well executed, it becomes a beautifully unique complement to its surroundings’ history and culture.

Lungarno Collection reached out to let me know they’ve recently completed a six-month renovation project on Hotel Lungarno. In order to maintain the upmost standards in luxury, the hotel closed last November for some polishing and is planning a grand re-opening on June 1, 2017.

If you’re looking for a luxury experience in one of the most historically beautiful places in Europe, this is by far the hotel to stay.

Lungarno has enlisted world-renowned, local architect, Michele Bönan. Bönan is known for his ability to create the perfect harmony between history and modernity in the buildings he designs and renovates around the world. He brings this expertise to Hotel Lungarno’s renovations, breathing new life into its walls while still maintaining everything that made it well-loved in the first place.

You will still be able to experience fine Italian dining at Borgo San Jacopo Ristorante, find breathtaking views of Florence’s skyline from the hotel’s rooftops, and enjoy the hotel’s signature blue interior design.However, you’ll find yourself with even more space to enjoy them. In order to create

However, you’ll find yourself with even more space to enjoy them. In order to create a more luxurious experience, Lungarno is actually downsizing from 78 rooms to 68. Forty of the rooms will offer views of Ponte Vecchio and the River Arno.

To celebrate this re-opening, Hotel Lungarno is offering special rates, so if you’re thinking of spending a luxurious holiday in Florence, be sure to add them to your list! Snap a photo from their rooftop so I can live vicariously through you while I spend the summer preparing for my move back to Korea!


Disclosure: This post was made in collaboration with Lungarno Collection.

*Images via Hotel Lungarno

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