Stylish white sneakers for women

Looking for the most stylish white sneakers for women? I’ve been doing an obnoxious amount of research for my next pair, so enjoy the ones I’ve saved below!

When it comes to shoes I grab over and over again, white sneakers will always top the list. I distinctly remember every school year buying a pair from Kohl’s and wearing them every day, all day until the last day of school when they finally fell apart. To me they work in all seasons unless you’re dealing with arctic weather like northern Norway in January. I’ve even worn my sneakers in June in the Moroccan dessert!

There’s something that will always be classically stylish about a pair of low top white sneakers with no-show socks. Pair ’em with jeans and a trench, shorts and a t-shirt, leggings and a sweatshirt, or cute floral dresses and they always work! If you follow me on Instagram, you can pretty much seen me in white sneakers and/or a pair of Birkenstocks. On top of that they’re often the most comfortable shoes you’ll pack and they protect your feet from the elements.

Anyway I’ve been doing ridiculous deep dives into what the best and most stylish sneakers for women are, so I thought I’d share my final picks below.

Pro Tip: If you find that any of these sneakers don’t feel supportive enough, I highly recommend looking into proper insoles! I’m a ride or die Fulton fan as they’re sustainable and a good mid-range option. The ones from the pharmacy aren’t nearly supportive enough and, of course, a custom orthopedic insole is going to run you a pretty penny. (Full review here)

The Best White Sneakers for Women

Adidas Stan Smith

1. Adidas Stan Smith

  • Materials: Primgreen, recycled materials
  • Sizes: 5-11 (half sizes available)

As far as tennis shoes go, the Adidas Stan Smith shoe has to be the most iconic style out there. I dare you to go on a plane and not see at least one person in a well-worn, well-loved pair. The very first style launched in 1965 as the Adidas Robert Haillet sneaker but were renamed after the American tennis player, Stan Smith, in 1978.

The shoe is easily recognizable with the three rows of holes on the outside. If you’re going for as classic as possible, opt for the style with the green bits on the heel and tongue. However, there are always quite a few options including a totally all white pair, which is obviously what I’d chose.

I will say, Adidas claims to use something called Primegreen, but their claims are pretty vague and they were called out for greenwashing in 2021, so they don’t get eco-friendly points in my books just yet.

Allbirds Wool Piper Sneakers

2. Allbirds Wool Pipers

  • Materials: ZQ-certified Merino Wool, SweatFoam, recycled plastic bottles, castor bean oil-based insole foam
  • Sizes: 5-11

I feel like Allbirds first made waves because they were sustainably-made, easy to wash, and extremely comfortable. I’ve met quite a few people who are on their feet all day and swear by them! The only pair I’ve personally tried are the first version of their Tree Dashers, which I brought for running and wore fairly consistently up until my 10k in Norway.

I will say as far as a casual, everyday shoe, I don’t love the mesh-look of most of their shoes like the Tree Skippers or Tree Runners. However, I do like the look of their Wool Pipers, though I wish they offered them in Blizzard as well as Natural White, which is more of an off-white.

Reviews call this a warmer shoe, so they’d be good in cooler climates and for fall, early spring, and winter. And, of course, Allbirds gets a ton of points for their commitment to sustainability. ZQ-certified Merino wool means the wool they use for the upper part of the shoe must pass animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability standards. They also use something called SweetFoam made from a carbon negative sugarcane-based green EVA in their midsoles; the shoe laces are made from recycled plastic bottles, and they then use a castor bean oil-based foam for the insole.


  • Materials: Leather
  • Sizes: 5-12 (half-sizes available)

Now, I know I’m kind of pushing the limit on “stylish” but I have pretty much lived in these shoes for the last year, so I say they count especially if you like a little “dad” vibe to your white sneakers. I got the Hokas Bondi 8 to wear with another sneaker when I started training for my first Philly half marathon. I wanted them in all white so I could travel with them and use them for sightseeing, and, frankly, speaking, I wore these shoes to death. Paired with some running insoles I got at my local running store and were molded to my feet, I could walk miles in these babies.

I mean, I did, in fact, wind up running two half marathons in them!

Anyway, these sneakers have become a lifesaver with all my travels around Europe where walking at least 15 minutes became my norm. I did replace them with Clifton 9s not on purpose. I couldn’t remember which style I got and I think these came up first. Visually they’re not that different and physically they feel about equal, so you can’t go wrong with either pair.

To be honest, because I don’t like overpacking, if you see me in white sneakers at all while abroad, it’s my Hokas! I swear they work pretty well with everything but my feminine dresses.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Low Tops | White Sneakers

4. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

  • Materials: Canvas
  • Sizes: 5-20 (wide & half sizes)

Ahh the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic. I’ve actually had a black pair for years but don’t wear them often because they’re really not that comfortable! The insole is super flat and unsupportive, and I just truly feel like everyone in high school lied to me about these shoes being great every day shoes. Like how does one get to the point of them being these comfy slip-on shoes? How am I supposed to tie the laces to achieve this?

Anyway, despite the lack of insole support, I do still think these shoes are up there with Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Force 1s, and Van’s as one of the classic, decades-long classic unisex sneaker. They do come in all white, but I kind of feel like if you’re going to get a Converse All Star you should get the one with the red and navy stripes on the rubber sole.

NOTE: There’s also this Converse Move style which is fairly new and promises to feel like you’re walking on clouds. I saw one person on Tiktok mention they like them but haven’t done much more investigating beyond that!

Keds Champion Original | Stylish White Sneakers for Women

5. Keds Champion Originals (Canvas)

  • Materials: Canvas
  • Sizes: 4-13 (S, M, W, XW)

Honestly, the Keds Champion Originals are my front runners at the moment for the sheer fact that of all the white sneakers on this list, these are probably the only pair I can get away with not wearing socks with and can slide in and out easily. I also like the more feminine look of them compared to the more masculine or unisex look of all the others.

As far as history, these have the be the oldest style on the list – first debuting in 1916! Funnily enough, when I did some digging, some of the most classic style icons and movie moments involved a pair of canvas Champions. Think Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and, even better, that iconic scene of Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing when she’s practicing her dance steps on a walkway.

As an added bonus, these are the most affordable and come in a few width sizes.

UPATE: I did wind up buying these shoes and the wide width is clutch. They’re definitely more of a summer shoe (and wearable sans socks), so I keep them for the months between May and September.

Nikes Airforce 1 '07, White Sneakers for Women

6. Nike Air Force 1 ’07

  • Materials: Leather
  • Sizes: W7 – 12 (has half sizes)

I feel like if you’re looking for a classic white sneaker with a bit of a city edge than the Nike Air Force 1’07 is the ultimate shoe. If I was going off style alone, it’d be my front runner, and I haven’t gotten the white perforated front out of my mind. The Air Force sneaker itself began with Bruce Kilgore back in 1982 as the very first basketball shoe using Nike Air tech.

There’s been many iterations over the years, but this style is my favorite. It still has the Nike Air cushioning and a foam midsole, so I think it’d be comfortable even if I didn’t use different insoles!

Soludos Ibiza Platform Sneakers

7. Soludos – Ibiza Platform Sneakers

  • Materials: Leather
  • Sizes: 5-11 (has half sizes)

Soludos‘ main selling point is that they create simple products made extremely well and with the environment in mind. They’re more known for their espadrilles so I actually didn’t realize they sold sneakers until I started doing some research.

They have a few sneaker styles but my preference would be for the all white Ibiza Platform Sneaker. The platform doesn’t look too obvious and I like that they don’t have the bit of color on the heel like the classic style does.

According to their site, the 75% of their leather is “chrome-free and/or certified by the Leather Working Group” while 75% of their outer soles use a combo of “recycled rubber, natural rubber, vegetable oils, vegetable fibers, oatmeal, sawdust, or algae.” Their insoles are made with Ortholite┬« which is made from bio-oil sourced from castor beans. From what I read, the sneakers do run small and narrow, so you’ll want to size up half a size or more.

Vans Authentic | White Sneakers for Women

8. Vans – Authentic Sneakers

  • Materials: Canvas
  • Sizes: 5-17.5 (has half sizes)

You just know the girls and guys who owned the checkerboard Vans slip-ons in high school (complete with the severely sideswept bangs) currently own the Vans Old Skools in black. Tell me I’m wrong!

Anyway, while I do like that style of shoe, I much prefer the Authentic style in all white. Originally known as the #44 Deck shoes, this is the style that started it all back in 1966 when brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren first opened shop. Kind of funny to think back then you could order your shoes in the morning and pick-up them up freshly made in the afternoon!

I like the canvas style, and they look like they could slip on and off pretty easily. I read they can run a bit narrow, so definitely something I’d have to try on in person to see if they’d actually work for me.

Vejas Campo Sneakers

9. Veja – Campo Low Top Sneakers

  • Materials: Leather
  • Sizes: 35-47 (US 4-14.5)

Veja is a brand that’s piqued my interest for years because of their promises of eco-friendliness and transparency. Currently their shoes are made with Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton, natural Amazonian rubber (more here if you’re wondering wtf that means), and leather certified Gold by the Leather Working Group.

Back when I was in San Francisco, I was desperate for a cute pair of white sneakers, so I popped into Nordstroms and got a pair of the Campo style on a bit of an expensive whim. I knew the tongue would be extremely stiff, but I didn’t realize how bad it would be! It digs right into your skin and the only way to soften the blow is to push it to the side. They also don’t come pre-strung, so if you order online you’ll have to figure that out yourself.

I’ve worn them pretty frequently for two years now, and they’re just not holding up quite like I’d want them to. I have wider feet and I noticed on the sides of the sneaker the leather is detached from the rubber soles. I also still have to shove the tongue to the side or else it’ll dig. Considering they’re the expensive shoe on this list by a long shot, I’d probably try another brand before buying this one again.

Insole-wise, I think they were okay but I did swap out the insoles with my Fulton ones to make them more comfortable. I promise I’ll do a full review on them eventually!

Stylish White Sneakers for Women: An Overall Comparison

Below is a quick chart so you can see all my picks in one chart to compare more easily.

SneakersMain MaterialSmallest SizeLargest SizeFull Price
Adidas Stan Smithsprimegreen511$100
Allbirds Woolpipersmerino wool511$110
Birdies Cardinalsleather512$145
Converse Chuck Taylorscanvas520$60
Keds Champion Originalscanvas413$54.95
Nike Air Force 1 ’07sleather712$115
Soludos Ibiza Platformsleather511$139
Vans Authenticscanvas517.5$55
Veja Campo Low Topsleather~4~14.5$175+

And there you have it! A total overview of my picks for the best white sneakers for women especially when it comes to looking cute for travel. Any brand you particularly love? Let me know!

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These are the MOST stylish sneakers for women!

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