One of the best ways to enjoy a trip is to make sure you’re organized before you hop on or in your plane/train/car to a different destination. Before I leave Windy Poplars (the Anne Shirley inspired nickname I gave my home ;)), I try to do the following to make sure I’m not stressed out for silly reasons during my travels, and so I can keep the post-travel glow going when it’s time to clean out my suitcase afterwards. I thought I’d put together my own list of what I like to do before vacation. This isn’t necessarily planning or figuring out where to sleep kind of stuff. It’s more for those 48 hours before you’re getting ready to leave.

1. Prep You Apartment

Clean and prep your apartment/ house/ condo. It’s so much nicer to come home to a clean place than a messy place. Here’s what you should do:

Clean your bathroom

No really, clean your toilet!


Wet Swifter

Windex mirrors/glass

Make sure all dishes are washed and put away

Wipe down counters

Dust table tops

Throw out any and all trash

Unplug anything (microwave, electronics, internet)

2. Do Your Laundry.

Get all your laundry done. Wash your bed sheets and towels right before you leave so they can air dry while you’re gone, and be fresh for your return. Or if you have a dryer, you can use that as well.

3. Double Check Your Packing



Skin Care Products

Enough Underwear

Enough Bras


Lady Products









Contact solution

4. Put Together Your Vacation Playlist.

I always wait until last minute before I want to download songs, and somehow I end up in a rush! Get it together beforehand so you can make sure George Ezra is played all vacation long.

5. Call/Contact Your Card Companies.

Make sure they know you’re going to be abroad and using them. This way you’re not blocked and stranded.

6. Write Down the Following:

How you’re getting from the airport/bus to your hotel/motel/hostel in every location

List of where you’re staying and their phone numbers

Your flight

A mini-itinerary for you and one for your suitcase

Contact information

Phrases for where you’re staying (like “hello” and “thank you”)

7. Shower the Morning of.

Or the night before if you have an early flight. Early enough your hair is dry, late enough that you won’t feel gross if you can’t shower right away when you land.

8. Pamper Yourself. 

Do something to relax and start your vacation the right way. I like to give myself a pedicure and foot bath, if I have a tub, take a bath, get my nails done, and, since living in a place where facials are less than $20, a facial.

9. Charge Up.

Make sure everything is well charged before you go.





10. Exercise.

Before you take that shower, do a little exercise. Even if you just walk around the block. A little blood flow movement will help in the hours you’ll spend curled up on a bus or plane.

Take a look at our list of some of what to do before vacation to help keep you organized and stay less stressed in the hours leading up to your departure!

There you have it! What are some of the routines you have before you leave?

Words and Photographs by Samantha

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