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Looking to buy some ridiculously cute pajamas that are sustainably made, ethically made, and size inclusive? Checkout this full Printfresh review!

I’m going to be fully honest. When I sleep totally by myself, I pretty much just sleep naked. (If you’ve never done it; I highly recommend.) However, there are a lot of situations where I am not sleeping totally by myself! Traveling with friends – usually sharing a room if not a bed. Sleeping at home – often I keep my door open for airflow and to let my sister’s cat wander in. Sleeping at friends’ places – obviously not!

Usually in these cases, I just have some old shorts and T-shirts on hand or a tank nightdress I got in Hanoi. A while ago, though, I found myself really wanting a cute pair of pajamas. The night dress liked to move in my sleep, and, you know, there’s something about sleeping in a five-star hotel that makes you want something a little nicer than a T-shirt!

Cue: Printfresh! They reached out to me this summer about collaborating, and I actually remembered that my friend, Megan, loved hers from earlier that year, so I decided to look into the company! Imagine my pure delight when I discovered this brand was:

  1. Cute
  2. Sustainable
  3. Ethical
  4. Size-inclusive
  5. Female-founded!
  6. Philadelphia-based

I mean can you picture a more perfect brand for me? I know Philly-based isn’t necessary, but it’s still exciting whenever I see something come out of my home city!

Anyway, enough of this intro. In my below Printfresh review, I’m diving into the brand, products they offer, and how i like my picks.

Full disclaimer, of course: they gifted me two sets of their short sleep sets, and I ordered my own sleep shirt from one of their sales.

About Printfresh

To start this review, Printfresh was founded by Amy Voloshin in 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. Voloshin got her start at Urban Outfitters after graduating from RISD before opening her own studio, Printfresh Studio, in 2006 and designing for various fashion brands.

She told Forbes:

“I saw a real opportunity to bring my love of quirky patterns and bold colors to the sleepwear market. A lot of the options out there are really fussy and feature typical boring floral print styles, which is why I personally really never bought pajamas before. I was excited about the idea of bringing more bold, powerful, and joyful patterns to the world and doing it through organic fabrics and inclusive sizing.” 

Sustainable Manufacturing

Everything for the brand is designed in-house in Philadelphia while manufacturing is done in India where the company partners with “socially and environmentally conscious vendors.” Their stationery is produced in the Delhi area while their sleepwear is created in Jaipur (a city forever on my bucket list). Not only is the material sewn here, but the patterns are hand-screen printed.

One way I can tell Printfresh is serious about their manufacturing is how in-depth their sustainability page is. There you can read more about how they reduce waste in their production, packaging, and even looked into the most eco-friendly way to mail you your PJs from their 100% recycled ivory poly mailers from EcoEnclose to importing most of their collection via cargo ship.

Heck, to add on, they’ve joined Pledge 1%. Their donations (of money and time) go to GiveIndiaLoveland FoundationSave the Golden Lion Tamarin charity and the MADE Institute in Philadelphia!


Factories are routinely audited SEDEX-reviewed to ensure they stay both ethical and environmentally-friendly. According to their site, some of the specific benchmarks they look at include “safe working conditions, work that is voluntarily chosen, fair wages and compensation.”

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

When it comes to their apparel, Printfresh uses one fabric only – cotton. Now, I know cotton has come under scrutiny given what’s going on with the Uighur minorities in China, but the company has done their homework. In fact it took them a year of research to get it right!

They published a post here about why they opted to use GOTS-certified organic cotton. This certification ensures that not only is the cotton produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, it is also grown and produced ethically and workers are there freely and compensated fairly.

Size Inclusivity

Now the real tough one to pass – is Printfresh size inclusive? Given that I wear an XL and am anywhere from a 14-18 given the time of year, I know that struggle of finding a really cute sustainable brand that… only offers up to an L. So naturally, it’s important to me to share brands that are at they very least trying.

Printfresh absolutely knocks it out of the park offering their PJs in as small as an XS to as large as a 6X!

Printfresh Short Sleep Set

Printfresh Products

Below is a look at all the clothing products they offer. Just so I don’t repeat this constantly under each header – all their fabric is cotton poplin. Poplin is a type of weave that creates a crisper fabric. If you have a nice dress shirt, it’s probably a poplin weave.

The reason I love this in pajamas is that it’s still breathable and the fabric is thick enough that I can go braless and not worry about my boobs or nipples!


Printfresh offers long sleeve robes that go down to your knees and ankles. They’re meant to fit more loosely in a unisex style and they DO have pockets.

Short Sleep Sets

The short sleep sets mainly come with a short-sleeved, collared button up shirt and a pair of mid-rise drawstring shorts. They do also offer tank top versions in some prints if you prefer. The shirt has a breast pocket and the shorts also have pockets. I have two sets of these in XL, though if I bought again I’d size up to XXL.

Long Sleep Sets

The long sleeved sleep sets are similar to the short sleep sets except, you know, longer! The long-sleeved version pants are a 28-inch inseam while the tank top version’s pair is a cropped 22-inch inseam. They do sell separates of almost if not all their prints, so if you want to mix and match, you can.

Sleep Shirts

Sleep shirts are what they call their nightgowns that look like the shirts but longer. They have a nice, boxy fit with 3/4″ length sleeves. I got mine in a 3X as it was either that or M in the print I wanted. I figure with nightgowns, you have a lot more wiggle room in sizing and something can fell a bit too big!


Your last print option are the nightgowns! They come in the tank, crossback style and fall about 30-32 inches with pockets.


Their latest offering are T-shirts! I will admit I don’t know much about them as they’re brand new and obviously different from the pajama offerings and they haven’t gone into as much detail. On the site it does they’re 100% cotton and a knit yard fabric with a vintage relaxed fit. They also only offer up to a 4X instead of a 6X.

My Printfresh Review

As I mentioned above, I have two of their short sleep sets in pink salt lime tree print and cloud lemon zest print in XL, and I ordered their sleep shirt in the hot pink Bagheera print in 3X. I got them in August and September and have been wearing them since! Here’s what I found:


Like I said under products, if I were to buy again, I’d size up to 1X or 2X as I carry weight in my waist more. They XL fits perfectly up top but I do find the shorts a bit snug, so double check your measurements and the size chart before you order. The 3X is obviously big on me, but it works for a sleep shirt as it’s got that fun, super oversized fit and it’s easier to bring in if I want it a bit more fitted.

The Prints in Person

I really love the prints in person! I mean, what you see in the photos on the website are what you get. They’re just really fun, vibrant colors without feeling too childish or gaudy.

I will say, I probably should’ve gotten one sleep set in a more colorful pattern because as both the lime zest and lemon grove have white backgrounds which means I’m definitely not wearing them if I even think I’m going to get my period. I actually brought a pair of black shorts with me to Canada for that week to wear with the tops.

Also – just for fun read the “Why We Love It” bits on the product pages. Gives a cute backstory for what inspired them and even a little history lesson (like lemons originated in Assam, NE India?!).


I do understand Printfresh seems on the pricey side at $128-$158 for a pair of pajamas. (Why do you think I’m not risking ruining them with my period?) However, when you factor in working conditions, their commitment to sustainability, the quality of their cotton poplin fabric, and the pure artistry behind not only designing a print but hand-screen printing it, I think it’s more than worth the price.

I do recommend following them on Instagram as they’ll occasionally have sales on prints they’re phasing out. They also did a fun sample sale where they did a sort of mystery bag worth $350 for like $100 for all the pieces they used during the model photoshoots. And, like, they’re the kind of company that does a cute IG Story This or That with cat photos, so I know they’re my kinda people!

And that, my friends, is my FULL Printfresh review! Let me know if you have any questions. Will be sure to update this as time goes on and they get more wear and washes!

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