Visiting Meta Provence Village is one of the top things to do in Damyang! Here’s a little look into what it is exactly.

It doesn’t take long to notice, but Korea has a bit of an obsession with France. Every student probably knows The Little Prince. There are chain bakeries dedicated to French sweets– Paris Baguette, Tous Les Jours, Paris Croissant… Heck, you can visit whole villages dedicated to some idealistic version of the country! One of those villages is Meta Provence down in Damyang, Korea.

Damyang is more often known for its bamboo forest and beautifully lined metasequoia path. However, if you travel a little farther down the road, you’ll come to the not yet completed Meta Provence. The village is filled with pensions and small stores in brightly colored, European designed buildings– a far cry from the more industrial cityscapes that make up most of Korea.

Of course, there’s a quirky little twist to this village. Very random structures including a giant head, a London-esque telephone booth, and French macaron seats fill the town making it feel like a mix of Europe and Korea in one. When I visited, we had fun finding all the random corners and details.

Damyang is already a must see town in Korea, and Meta Provence will only make you want to stay a bit longer. Roam around the colorful buildings and fun structures to get a truly unique experience!

More Information on Meta Provence

  • Korean Name: 메타프로방스 or 담양 메타프로방스
  • Official website (Korean)
  • How to Get There: Take a bus to Damyang Bus Terminal (담양 버스 터미널). Head towards the river either on foot or by taxi and rent a bike or walk down the path to Meta Provence. Or you can take a taxi straight to the village.
  • There is some minor controversy behind the construction in both unfulfilled promises and concerns about soil erosion. See more about it here.

Have you been? How do you think the photos compare to the real life Provence, France? ;)


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