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WEEK 7: MAY 21 – MAY 27

I’m still down in North Carolina until this Wednesday! It’s been nice unplugging a bit and spending time with friends. It’s been super warm and humid, so we’ve been going to the beach a lot and I’ve finally been wearing my new swimsuits.

I’m actually hoping to come back down to NC later this summer, but I’ll have to see which scheduling! I didn’t realize just how much there was to see. We went to Carolina Beach one of these days, and I discovered just how cute the boardwalk area is!

Also Island Ice Factory ice cream is delicious!

While I haven’t been able to do a lot of paperwork down here in terms of mailing things in for Korea, staying with friends has made me start to think of shopping for my future apartment. If you’re new to Korea, Gmarket has pretty much everything. It’s a little confusing to navigate because even the English version of the site is mostly Korean.

I thought I’d list some of the things I bought last time that I’m definitely planning to get this time around depending on space.

  • Blender ($25) – This is by no means an amazing blender, but if you like smoothies, it works perfectly. I even used it to make cashew milk and tofu chocolate mousse.
  • Bookshelf ($8-17) – Pretty sturdy. You’ll have to put them together yourself, but it’s all straightforward and I never had an issue with mine falling apart. I’ll probably grab a few of these for holding my clothes.
  • Storage Shelf ($14-26) – I’m a bit of a plant lady when I have my own space, so I used this shelf for plants, some pictures, and candles. I also had one from the same shop as a bedside table. Again you have to put it together yourself, but it was easy. It might even be great for holding kitchen appliances.
  • Clothing Rack ($12-14) –  Easy to assemble and perfect for holding clothes.
  • Carpet ($33) – Okay, this is the BEST carpet if you’re looking. I bought one for my main living area and one for my guest room last time. Sometimes in the winter, I’d get home, turn on my floor heating, and just fall asleep on this carpet.
  • Curtains (varies) – It was actually really hard finding just plain, solid colored curtains. This shop has a lot of options if you’re looking. You do need a pole across the top of your window. I installed mine which was a pain, so keep that in mind if you do get them!

There’s more, and I’m sure I’ll be buying different things once I’m in my apartment. I’ll have to make a full list of G-Market recommendations down the line!

Here are some more things that have been happening lately:

  • I’ve just become a contributor for Department of WanderingI’ve been a fan of Rachel’s blog since I first saw her posts pop up on World of Wanderlust, so I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be a contributor!
  • About a million years late to it, but obsessing over “Despacito.” It’s just so catchy!
  • In love with The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty. She’s the author of Big Little Lies, so I picked up a paperback copy of TLA a few weeks ago. It’s SO good. I just love how well Moriarty develops her characters, and I can’t wait to pick up even more of her books.
  • Introducing friends to “Shameless.” By the way, if you haven’t, start watching “Shameless.” It’s definitely one of my favorite shows, and the first six seasons are on Netflix.
  • Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the U.S! Memorial Day honors our military who have died while serving (so I guess it’s actually a bit morbid to say “Happy Memorial Day”?). Just remember you can disagree with war and our government and still respect the men and women who choose to help defend our right to disagree. Also if you’re in NYC, you’ve probably seen everyone up there for Fleet Week!

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