#Korea is a weekly series on my blog documenting my time leading up to and during to my year in Korea. It’s very much unedited, stream-of-conscious writing! Check out the original post for a longer explanation here

WEEK 14: JULY 9th – JULY 15th

A very quick shot and edit of a house on Benefit Street!

Howdy! I wish I could say I’ve been up to all sorts of fun stuff here in Rhode Island, but truthfully, I’ve been a bit couped up! Catching up on work, trying to organize some semblance of an editorial calendar for TSGA, pet sitting, and that’s about it. In my defense, the weather has been pretty crap, and I can’t be away from

In my defense, the weather has been pretty crap, and I can’t be away from the apartment for too long since Roxy needs to pee every 5-6 hours. I really want to go up to Boston since it’s so easy to get to from Providence, but once I decided that, it started to rain and/or thunderstorm…

Also, let me just say, I am 100% a cat person. Besides my dog, Maggie, who is perfection in a creature. :p I feel bad that I prefer Kittan over Roxy, but she fits my personality so much better (physically lazy, lethargic, and best left alone except for when I want to be social). Also, I used to watch her a bunch in college, and she’s my favorite cat of all the cats, so the scales are already tipped in her favor.

Hmm, nothing else left to report! I had a really lovely lunch date with Janie of @janieliu at this good Korean-Japanese spot on Benefit Street called DENDEN Café Asiana. We originally Insta-met because we were in the same comment pod together, and when I mentioned I was coming up to Rhode Island, she DMed me.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting Insta and blogging friends in person. I spend a lot of time in Insta DMs or Facebook chat, but nothing replaces face-to-face meetups!

Speaking of which, I’m meeting up with the lovely Izzy of The Next Somewhere (she just updated her blog design, so go check it out!) and her family tomorrow to visit a sunflower farm. By my next #Korea update, I’ll be in Denver!

I know the next month and a half are probably going to be nuts. I’m trying to write some of my content ahead of time before I forget the details! I just realized how many drafts on South Africa I still have…

Some things I’ve been loving…

So I’ve done a little online shopping… *cough*. In my defense, it’s either too hard or expensive to ship foreign goods to Korea, especially the more sustainable brands. Here’s what I got:

Post from this week

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