Happy January!

Yup, it’s very cold in Pennsylvania. Right now as I write this, there’s some crazy cold front spreading around the north, and I hate it with everyone shivering bone in my body.

Anyway, January has been a relatively calm month. I had one big trip with Niagara Falls, which I was really scared wasn’t going to happen for the weekend leading up! I mean, right before I was supposed to go, Winter Storm Harper came and dumped 11 feet of snow in Buffalo where Fran was flying in. I’m not a good driver in ideal conditions, let alone icy, windy, snowy ones. I went back and forth between going before finally sucking it up and driving Monday morning through the day. I had to go infuriatingly slow just to be safe over the ice and with the wind gusts, but I made it and could hand over my keys for Fran to drive haha.

Otherwise, I’ve been mildly hibernating in between working. Twenty-six years, guys, and I’m really just not built for winter weather. I never was and never will be.

In better news, though, this means I’ve booked my first big flight of the year to…

Kuala Lumpur!

Yep! I’ve been wanting to go to Malaysia for a while, so I’m going to make KL my base for a few weeks. Someday, I’d like to return and spend time in Penang, but for now I’m going to explore KL as much as possible and see some nearby attractions. Plus, really, I want to have my own space to get myself into a fitness routine and plan for the year while working, working, working.

After that, I’ll be in Singapore visiting a friend, though I haven’t decided if this’ll be a long weekend or a full week. From there, it’s back to my beloved Korea! For about a month I’ll be bopping around, chasing cherry blossoms, and visiting friends. I found out some of my expat friends will be back when I’m there, so I’ll be way less solo than I thought!

From Korea, I’ll either head home orrrrr maybe somewhere else while I’m over in Asia. Undecided at the moment!

Anyway, pray for me as I still have a few more weeks of winter left and need to motivate myself to not just fall into a deep slumber for it! Here’s what I’ve been up to this month:

What I’ve Been Reading

  • Song of Achilles – SO GOOD. It’s about Achilles from Patroclus’ point of view.
  • The Tuscan Child – It was okay. It tried to be a mystery and almost a bit of a thriller, which was a weird turn.
  • Rose of Sarajevo – Disappointed by the lack of character and story development in an otherwise well-researched novel.

I didn’t meet my 4 book goal for January, but I’ll work on 5 for February. My 4th book is The Storyteller’s Secret, so I’ve started that so far.

What I’ve Been Watching

  • Las Chicas de Cable – I’m working on my Spanish by watching this show with Spanish subtitles, and I love it so far. It’s kind of melodramatic, but the production is much higher than the telenovelas I used to try to watch in high school.
  • Ted Bundy Murder Tapes – Grossly fascinating. I’m just going to tell people Ted Bundy whenever they try to tell me to go on Tinder dates or meet random dudes on the street.
  • Schitt’s Creek – It’s funny but I’m not really into “rich people being annoying at being poorer than stupid wealthy” at the moment, sooo…
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine – BACK on NBC, BB! Noice, noice, noice.
  • On the Basis of Sex – Elissa came to visit, and we just went and saw it! It’s sweet and amazing, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a national treasure that needs to live forever.

Anyway, what have you guys been up to?

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