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WEEK 12: JUNE 25TH – JULY 1st

Holy moly, I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months! Time really does fly. Nothing much to report here. I had a Skype interview for a potential position outside of the normal program (but in the same province), and then I had to do a 5-minute teaching demo. Let me tell you, there is nothing more awkward than pretending to talk at a camera to elementary students!

I drove back down to NC on Monday, though I left at maybe 1 a.m? I was planning on leaving at 3 a.m, but for the life of me, I couldn’t fall asleep. Sooo I drove. I stopped at rest stops periodically to take 30-minute naps and managed to get down here before noon. I then passed out for a solid two hours and wound up going to bed by maybe 9:30 p.m. that night!

Since being down here, I’ve just kind of relaxed. I went to a few coffee shops (Wilmington has a pretty hipster vibe), did work, and have been feeling oddly lethargic. I know it’s because my sleeping habits are terrible and I haven’t been working out… I went to the gym today, so hopefully, I can get back into the swing of healthy eating and exercising.

Oh, and here’s a funny story for you. I don’t talk about my love life on here because really there’s nothing to say, but I feel like this scenario pretty much sums it up: My friend texted me the other day about how she found the perfect match for me. Now, my friends, God bless them, are the worst wing women ever. The last time this friend told me she found the perfect match for me, it took her two years to do remember to do anything about it. And by the time she did, he managed to get his first girlfriend, which she knew nothing about… Anyhow, she texts me that this fellow is super smart, wants to travel for his job, and likes Asian women (in, what I assume, is a non-creepy way). I will also assume he was easy to talk to and relatively attractive, or else she wouldn’t have mentioned him. Anyhow she sends these messages and then says,”There’s just a catch — he’s 18. But it’s still legal!”

And that, my friends, is why I’m just setting myself up for the single life.

Anyhow, I’m off on quite a road trip next week. I’m definitely planning on NYC + Rhode Island, but I’m debating on stopping in my old college town a day earlier and competing with July 4th traffic…

In the meantime, here are some of the things I’ve been loving this week:

  • My article for Department of Wandering is out. Read all my tips for first-time visitors to Seoul here.
  • Late to it, but I’m kind of in love with “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan.
  • I’m totally sucked into The Husband’s Secret by Lianne Moriarity. The main characters are three women whose lives become entwined by this said secret. It’s pretty obvious what the secret is early on, though the actual reveal isn’t until later.
  • Just watched Okja on Netflix yesterday, and it’s SO good! I remember I found out about it because I was going through a Steven Yeun phase, and I wanted to know he was getting good parts after “The Walking Dead.” Here’s the trailer for it.
  • I also watched this Buzzfeed video about using DNA to form an eating + fitness routine, and I thought it was pretty interesting! I really like Daysha, and I feel like her body type is pretty similar to mine (except she has actual curves whereas I am just flat up and down), so it was interesting seeing her go through the process. It’s funny because the coach pretty much confirmed things I’ve thought about myself (crazy low metabolism and better with workouts in the afternoon vs. the morning), which makes me a little more curious about my actual genes. I don’t know who my biological parents are, so in terms of health, so I have no real point of reference. I’m kind of miffed I didn’t get any of those crazy-tiny-Asian genes…
  • I put this on my IG Stories, but I’ll add it here too. If you’re interested in becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable with your clothing choices, check out the app Good on You. My friend, Mallory (PS you might see her pop up as a contributor here), sent it to me. Basically, type in the brand and see how they’re doing in terms of the environment, animal welfare, and labor. It probably won’t have lesser known brands, but it covers the big ones. I’m pleasantly surprised with how much H&M is working towards becoming better, and, of course, not surprised with just how bad brands like Forever 21 are…

That’s about it! What’s new with you guys?

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