I have a few hostels I’d prefer to stay at even if luxury hotels were banging down my door, and Happy Guesthouse in Siem Reap is definitely one of them. The customer service alone was enough to put it in that category, but the hostel itself is absolutely lovely. It’s very much laid back, but it also can help with just about anything you want to do in Siem Reap. It’s a family owned hostel, so everything has a personal touch, and everyone from our receptionist to housekeeping to the owner herself was friendly and helpful. Did I mention it has its own in-house restaurant with papasan chairs? Yeah, this place is pretty awesome.

Bed: My bed more or less looked like the one below (same as our room minus the window since we were right by reception). It was comfortable and cool, and I, of course, had plenty of space. You will have to leave your shoes outside of your room.

Bathroom: Our bathroom was private, and it was one room with the toilet and sink at one end and a shower head at the other. Yes, your shower will drain into the floor.

Other Amenities: So many amenities, I don’t know where to begin. Besides the basics, you have the option of an in-house massage for around $5/hour. The Wi-Fi doesn’t necessarily reach every room, but you can easily use it in the lounge area. There’s also the restaurant with a huge range of food (shout out to Bang Chev). Heck, if you want to send a post card, they have a service for that too! You can also have your laundry done for quite cheap.

From Happy Guesthouse’s Site, see more here

Host: Our host was absolutely FANTASTIC. She was so friendly, and she was always chatting with guests. Our receptionists were equally friendly and helpful. Special shout out to our tuk-tuk driver, Niem, who helped us out the whole time we stayed. He even gave us tips to help us from getting ripped off, and would offer to get us to places without charge (simply because he wanted to make sure we got the best experience). If you stay there, ask for him!

Location: The awesome part is the guesthouse is along the same road as a ton of other guesthouses, and over the bridge, within walking distance, from Siem Reap’s downtown area. And if you can’t walk, you can easily arrange everything with your tuk-tuk driver!

Price: $12.00 per night for Deluxe Twin Private (so, yes, split between two people it comes to a whopping SIX bucks a night)

Where to Book: We booked with Hostel Bookers. There’s no booking fee, and the deposit is 15%. You can read more on Happy Guesthouse’s site.

Overall Rating: 10/10. Guys, they even accidentally messed up our rooms (originally we were two deluxe private and a single room, but we wound up with two to a room and three to another), but they were so good at finding a solution and making our stay comfortable that they still get a 10/10 from me.

Bang Chev at Happy Guesthouse

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Words and Photographs (except #2) by Samantha

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