We actually had a bit of trouble finding a place to stay in Krabi that was also within our budget. We were definitely a little pickier only because we were staying here the longest, so if we didn’t like it, we’d be stuck. Luckily Glur Hostel came up in one of our searches, and we nabbed it. We didn’t love not having a private room, but the pictures were clean and colorful, we had our own locked areas, and with five of us in an eight bed female dorm, it only meant three strangers. We wound up being really pleased with Glur Hostel! Between breakfast in the mornings, a POOL, and friendly staff, the only complaint I can really think of is that the beach was so far away. Well, for me, who was lazy and tired by this point in our trip.


As I said, we stayed in an 8 bed female dorm. Our bed space were pretty large given the bunk bed nature. We could draw a curtain for total privacy, and at the foot our bed was a bit of space, a closet, and a locked closet to store our valuables. The bed itself was comfortable and clean.


We did have a shared bathroom, but it was cleaned a lot. Even with tossing our toilet paper in the trash can, I never saw it very full, meaning someone swept through the bathroom pretty regularly. The shower area was spacious as well.

Other Amenities

I can’t talk enough about this pool because it was so glorious, and I hadn’t been around a pool in a long time. I spent one day being lazy and hanging out in the pool and the hostel because I couldn’t be arsed to walk to the beach. There was also some bananas and little cookie snacks in the kitchen area and a breakfast in the mornings. We also took advantage of the BBQ pit one night, getting some help from one of our hostel mates. You could also just hang out, nap, and read on the hammocks! You can read more on their site.

Glur Hostel in Krabi


Our host was very friendly, and the receptionists were incredibly helpful in helping us book everything. I think we had them help us with cooking classes, island hopping, a yoga class, and probably something else as well!


The location is the only thing I had a bit of an issue with because it’s not anywhere near the beach. That said, it’s a super easy, straightforward walk through town right to the beach, so if you’re not lazy, it shouldn’t be an issue. I was lazy, though, so walking 20 minutes both ways, especially with wet flip flops and being sun tired, wasn’t fun.

Where to Book

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Overall Rating



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