Trying to figure out which the best cafes in Copenhagen are? Well, maybe one (or ten) of the following will be right up your alley!

There’s nothing I love discovering more than a city that’s as big of a fan of cafes as me. Korea spoiled me rotten when it comes to this culture and then living in Ho Chi Minh City for 16 months really took it to a new level. Can you believe I didn’t start drinking coffee until after college?!

Anyway, I was beyond delighted to discover that one of the best things to do in Copenhagen was to café hop. AND that I had my favorite coffee bestie, Alyshia, to explore with me. Fun fact: our friendship was formed over weekend dates to the most random coffee locations all over Saigon, so this really was the perfect trip for us!

Below is everything you need to narrow down your own list of best cafes in Copenhagen!

Quick Copenhagen Travel Tips

  • Getting in: The train into the city leaves right from T2 and is super easy to find. Buy tickets at the kiosks near the entrance or download the DOT Billeter app.
  • Money Matters: Copenhagen can definitely get pricey. Get the Copenhagen Card to save money on attractions and public transport. Also everywhere took credit card, don’t waste time at an ATM!
  • Where to Stay: Stay by Copenhagen Central Station (København H) for easy access. We liked our stay at budget hotel Go Hotel Ansgar.
  • Getting Around: It’s super easy to either walk or take a bus or metro! You get unlimited rides with the Copenhagen card, but the city is fairly small so you can also just walk everywhere!

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Notes on Cafes in Copenhagen

1. Seating is often VERY limited.

I will say cafes in Copenhagen tend to the smaller side so more often than not, a cafe will already be full by the time you get there. It was like that in the spring, so I can’t imagine how much busier things are in the summer! Granted most cafes also have outdoor seating which is quite nice.

2. Pretty much all should accept credit card.

Copenhagen in general is a card-friendly city and cafes are no exception. I didn’t have to pull out cash once.

3. Many have savory offerings.

One of the nice things I liked is that cafes here are also restaurants in the sense that they offer proper meals and not just sweets! Makes it easier to plan your stops.

4. Don’t worry about finding milk alternatives.

Every single café I went to had oat, almond, or soy (or other), so if you, like me, are a lactose intolerance victim, don’t worry. However, I’d still load up on lactaid pills because you don’t want to miss all the cream-filled pastries or mounds of butter!

5. Also many, many offer iced drinks.

Take note Western Europe – ice coffees are here to stay! For those of you that have witnessed the lack of ice in places like Italy or France, let me be the one to tell you that the cafes in Copenhagen are the opposite. You can easily get iced lattes, iced matchas, and more any pretty much every location on this list.

5. Try a matcha!

Speaking of matcha, Copenhagen is weirdly good at making a good matcha drink. Maybe it’s something with the japandi connection, I’m not sure. But in attempt to not over caffeinate myself, I got matcha lattes more often than not and every single one was perfection.

Best Cafes in Copenhagen that I Visited (From A-Z)

1. Apotek 57

Nearby: Nyboder // Instagram: @apotek_57

Apotek 57 is a little café in the Frama Studio Store and the menu is curated by Chef Chiara Barla. The interior is pretty simple, and I will say when things get crowded, you can tell they get a bit overwhelmed, so just be patient. The menu is limited but does focus on seasonal ingredients and is house-made. I think I got hot chocolate and a salted miso caramel pastry which was ridiculously good.

If I came again, I’d come for a proper meal – their food menu actually seemed more extensive than their baked goods one.

2. Atelier September

Nearby: Rosenborg Slot // Instagram: @atelierseptember

Atelier September is one of those places that lives up to the hype. I can fully see why there’s a line to visit its main location near Rosenborg Slot. Founded by Chef Frederik Bille Brahe, the menu here is just absurd. Like I’ve literally been trying to recreate their “Morning Plate” since I’ve been home and not even getting close. I really wish I had picked up the cookbook because it’s not easily available online!

Note: There are two other locations. One is by Nordhavn Station and the other is further north in Hellerup. I imagine they’re a little less crowded, and the one by Nordhavn is on the way to or from one of Thomas Dambo’s trolls, Kaptajn Nalle.

3. Andersen & Maillard

Nearby: Kongens Nytorv // Instagram: @andersenmaillard

The big draw to Andersen & Maillard is their coffee and croissants. (Which is funny because I got hot chocolate and their baked goods were sold out for the day when I went). Coffee is roasted right on site at their Nørrebro location and all baked goods are made by Pastry Chef Milton Abel.

Note: The location we went to is pretty small with next to no seating besides a bench in the front of the building. It’s a nice stop if you’re in the area but if you want to specifically seek out Andersen & Maillard’s coffee, I’d go to their location on Nørrebrogade. Both it and their bakery in Nordhavn have proper seating.


Nearby: Gammel Strand // Instagram: @buka

I feel like you know a bakery is doing well when you’ve only been open since 2019 and already have four locations. BUKA’s location in Gammel Strand on Store Kongensgade is small and cozy and the pastry selection is actually incredible. Like if you have a sweet tooth, be warned! I think I got something with pistachio in it.

All their goods are made at their bakery across from Copenhagen’s court house and have quickly become a favorite amongst locals. I kind of love that their IG tagline is “embracing the love of butter & flour” because same.

Note: Other locations include one on Strøget, the main shopping street, Gammel Kongevej, and in Østerbro.

5. Dallas Coffee

Neighborhood: Østerbro // Instagram: @dallas.cph

I’m not quite even sure how we found ourselves at Dallas Coffee! There’s not a lot about it online and even the entrance isn’t super obvious. It’s very tiny but has this nice, cozy vibe especially coming in the afternoon. Funnily enough, we did not get coffee because it was close to dinner time but the matcha was delicious and their egg-bread plate was exactly what I’d been craving. Definitely star on your map for when you’re in the area.

6. H a n s Coffee

Nearby: Gammel Strand // Instagram: @hansoffeecph

Formerly known as CUB Coffee Bar, H A N S Coffee has two locations, and we went to get breakfast at the one in Gammel Strand before we went to Christiansborg Palace. There’s really not much information about them besides that they have another location in Christianshavn and their pastries come from Il Buco.

I feel like they were dealing with some construction when we went because the outside had a lot going on and there was no menu to look at when we went in. But we wound up with a bread-cheese-butter combo (elite if you can’t tell from my many mentions already) and I do remember someone with a yogurt bowl when I was being nosy and looking what other people were eating.

7. Hart Bageri

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District // Instagram: @hartbageri

Hart Bageri is so good, I wish we’d been able to go back one more time before leaving. Like you know you’re good when you stand out in a city known for its use of flour. It was founded by Richard Hart, who was once the baker for noma, and was featured on “The Bear” in Season 2. The cardamom croissant absolutely lives up to the hype, and I also really liked the sandwich I got there as well as their matcha.

Note: Hart has many locations now, including one right around the corner from the Istedgade location we went to. Around the city, you can find one at Reffen, in Nørrebro, Østerbro, and Christianshavn. There’s also one over in Frederiksberg.

8. La Cabra

Neighborhood: Indre By // Instagram: @lacabra

You know what’s funny? We went to La Cabra after Louise Roe, and I remember thinking it seemed SO familiar. Turns out it’s because I went to their NYC SoHo location only a month earlier! La Cabra was actually established in Aarhus in 2012 and they took over sourcing and roasting themselves in 2013. They’ve since become known globally for their coffee, and their Copenhagen location is in the store, Another Aspect. Seating is definitely limited, so we were outside on the bench in front of their window.

Note: La Cabra has a bunch of locations all around the world it turns out. Besides the two I’ve been to, they have three in Aarhus, one in Frederiksberg, another one in NYC’s East Village, one in Muscat, Oman, and three in Bangkok, Thailand. Shocked they’re not in Seoul!

9. Landbageriet

Nearby: Botanisk Have // Instagram: @landbageriet

Landbageriet is for those of you who are gluten intolerant! It’s not so much a café as a small, unassuming bakery that’s entirely organic and gluten-free. Even further, most of their products are vegan. There’s no seating but I was impressed by the sweets that I got – especially the cinnamon roll! I’ve had too many dry gluten-free cinnamon rolls in my life.

10. Meyers Bageri

Neighborhood: Østerbro // Instagram: @meyersbageri

Meyers Bageri is a Certified B Corp bakery that only uses grains grown in the Nordic region, primarily in Mørdrupgaard. We popped in to their Østerbro location since it was right around the corner from Dallas Coffee. They’ve got really nice breads, sweet treats, and the hot chocolate was perfect.

Note: Other locations are on Amagerbrogade, Classensgade, and Kongevej.

11. Next Door Cafe

Neighborhood: Pisserenden // Instagram: @next_door_cafe

This funky cafe is actually located in a semi-basement and almost feels like it could be turned into a bar come evening! They have a nice breakfast selection (including an egg sandwich, which is what I got) and you could spend hours playing eye spy with all the decor.

12. Paludan Bog & Café

Neighborhood: Indre By // Instagram: @paludanbogcafe

Paludan Bog & Café combines two of my favorite things – books and coffee! It’s located on this street that actually has quite a lot of random little bookstores on it and feels exactly like someone designed a café within a library. The only thing missing was a cat or two to wander around! They have full meals here but we just popped in for a hot chocolate (beer in Alyshia’s case) and a sweet treat.

13. Prolog Coffee Bar

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District // Instagram: @prologcoffee.cph

Prolog Coffee Bar is another Certified B Corp in Copenhagen. Located in the Meatpacking District, it takes sustainability and coffee very seriously. They call it “green coffee.” While there are some pastries from Il Buco here, really come for the caffeination and save your sweet tooth for Hart which is right across the way. Seating inside is super limited!

Note: Prolog also has an Østerbro location.

14. Skt. Peders Bageri

Neighborhood: Pisserenden // Instagram: @sct.pedersbageriogkonditori

Welcome to the oldest bakery in Copenhagen! Literally a few steps away from Next Door Café, do not miss coming to Skt. Peders Bageri for their baked goods. If you’re here on a Wednesday, try the onsdagssnegle. I can’t remember exactly what we got but I know mine had some sort of pistachio cream and Alyshia got one of their cinnamon rolls. They have seating inside but we were on our way to Helsingør so got ours to go.

15. The Roe Bar

Neighborhood: Indre By // Instagram: @theroebar

The Roe Bar is part of Louise Roe, a super chic store founded by designer Louise Roe Andersen. I kind of love that so many stores have these proper built-in cafes in Copenhagen! This one has the contemporary interiors you’d expect from the brand with lots of space and minimal decor. I think I had this saved because someone said they made a good iced matcha latte (they do), and they have the morning plate I’ve come to be obsessed with.

More Copenhagen Cafes on my List

And now for all the cafes in Copenhagen I saved but didn’t have time to visit. Remember I was only here for a week and while I’d love to inject my veins with sugar and caffeine, my doctor recommended against that should I want to live lol. If you get a chance to go, let me know what you thought of the following!

16. Andersen Bakery

Neighborhood: Amager Vest // Instagram: @andersenbakery

Not to be confused with Andersen & Maillard, Andersen Bakery started all the way back in 1959 when Japanese baker Shunsuke Takaki visited Copenhagen and fell in love. He returned with all he learned and was the first baker in Japan to offer traditional Danish bread, cakes, and pastries. Nearly six decades later, his family returned to open up a bakery in Copenhagen – this time bringing elements of Japanese culture.

The only issue is that it’s just slightly out of the way from literally everything else we wanted to do, and it didn’t make sense to go to this area for just one café!

17. Coffee First

Neighborhood: Vesterbro Øst // Instagram: @coffeefirstcopenhagen

We walked by Coffee First on our first day, and I saved it in case we came by again because the little dog logo was so cute. I’m assuming the model was their 12-year-old pup, Hugo. Formerly founded as Estate Coffee, I love that it was taken over by two regulars. Definitely want to try their morning plate and hopefully meet cutie Hugo!

18. Conditori La Glace

Neighborhood: Indre By // Instagram: @laglacedk

Right off Strøget street, Conditori La Glace is the oldest cafe and patisserie in Copenhagen, dating back to 1870! I mean that history alone makes me want to go but I’m also kind of obsessed with the pink and green interiors.

19. Democratic Coffee

Neighborhood: Indre By // Instagram: @democraticcoffeebar

Right around the corner from Pauldan Bog & Café, Democratic Coffee is apparently known for its almond croissants. Their coffee beans come from The Factory at Refshaleøen and the café just looks like it has a nice lil vibe. Next time! You know I love a good almond croissant.

20. Dzidra

Neighborhood: Nørrebro // Instagram: @dzidra_dzidra_dzidra

If and when I go back to Copenhagen, I want to look for places to stay in Nørrebro because I feel like after my brief visit, I want to know more. And when I do stay, I’m headed right to Dzidra for their ever changing lunch menu!

21. Juno the Bakery

Neighborhood: Østerbro // Instagram: @juno_the_bakery

Juno the Bakery is another one that was just slightly out of the way of everything we did in Copenhagen. It’s all about the freshest pastries – especially cardamom rolls . It was founded by Emil Glaser, a former cook at noma, who was craving the sweet treat from her Swedish childhood. All ingredients are organic and freshly baked daily. I am never one to say no do a cardamom roll, so I will absolutely be going for these!

22. KIHOSKH – Bageriet Brød

Neighborhood: Vesterbro // Instagram: @bagerietbrod

Okay kind of confusing, but the name of the place is called Bageriet Brød and the umbrella company is Kihoskh. As the name suggests, this bakery is all about the bread or brød! I can’t really tell what the interior looks like or if it’s a place you sit down in but those pastries look freaking delicious. It’s also right by Enghave Plads, so plenty of outdoor places to go with your goods.

23. Leckerbaer

Neighborhood: Østerbro // Instagram: @leckerbaer

Lackerbaer is a super cute dessert shop founded by Jakob and Gabi Bär-Mogensen. Both have Michelin training and their confections look almost too pretty to eat. They also have a location in Singapore.

24. Lille Bakery

Area: Refshaleøen // Instagram: @lillebakery

Located in Refshaløen, Lille Bakery has that kind of bright, airy interior you find in a lot of cafes that open up in former industrial places. Think white walls, high ceilings, and lots of greenery! The owners work with local, small farmers and millers from Sjælland and the food just looks incredible. They also host baking workshops focused on sourdough, so check their Instagram in case they overlap with your visit!

25. Lille Petra

Neighborhood: Indre By // Instagram: @lillepetracafe

Lille Petra is quite literally a hidden gem in the middle of Copenhagen! To get there, you’ll want to go through some gates at along Kronprinsessegade to find their courtyard. It’s another cafe that’s part of a designer’s store (this time called &Tradition). All their food focuses on seasonal ingredients from local suppliers and they have what looks like a nice breakfast and lunch selection. Personally, I’m, of course, going to try their morning bun with everything!

26. Mad & Kaffe

Neighborhood: Vesterbro & Amagerbro // Instagram: @madogkaffe

Mad & Kaffe have become known for their brunch spreads though they are also open for lunch and dinner. The concept is simple – you choose a variety of small plates to put together your meal. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite cafes in Seoul, Grainsoul.

Note: They also have a location over in Frederiksberg.

27. Sonny

Neighborhood: Indre By & Vesterbro // Instagram: @sonny.cph

Sonny is inspired by a café in Paris known as Coutume, where one of the founders worked as a barista. They’ve brought this Parisian vibe to Sonny’s whole vibe, and they serve up La Cabra coffee with all sorts of delicious goods from their micro bakery and food from their small kitchen. I will be all over the simple breakfast option!

28. Wild Horses

Neighborhood: Vesterbro & Sydhavn // Instagram: @wildhorsescph

And last but not least on this cafes in Copenhagen list – Wild Horses. You know it’s gonna be good because the founder is Aussie Dane Hirsinger and I feel like one of the things Australia takes seriously is its coffee. You can also get baked goods here from Benji and there’s a salad of the day for those of us trying to get some greens in.

And there you have it – all my picks for the best cafes in Copenhagen from the ones I managed to visit and the ones still on my list. if you have any to add, let me know. I will be back!

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Best cafes in Copenhagen

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