UPDATE 2021: Sadly the cute Zapangi Cafe is no more!

There are always so many cute, trendy cafes in Seoul, and Zapangi Cafe with its unique vending machine entrance is one of them. Check out how to see it for yourself below!

At this point, I’ve visited Seoul so many times, I have similar pictures of the big attractions like Gyeongbokgung and Bukchon Hanok Village. Whenever I visit now, I make a very random, usually trendy, list of things I want to do, and wind up venturing to a number of cafes high on a sugar rush.

This visit was no different! I had saved an image of Zapangi’s fun pink vending machine entrance on Instagram a while ago, and I was determined to visit it. When I saw my friend, Nicole, had gone just the week before, I asked if she wanted to venture out to Mangwon again, and she agreed!

Zapangi Cafe

We went first thing in the morning and had a nutritious breakfast of mermaid cake and coffee ;P.

Mangwon itself is up and coming neighborhood, and you could consider it an off-the-beaten-path complement to next door Hongdae. It probably won’t be an alternative neighborhood for long though knowing how quickly Seoul changes!

The walk to the cafe from the subway exit is pretty short, and it was fun walking through the side streets and seeing the different market stalls and storefronts. We even stumbled past a foreign candy shop where Nicole found this orange chocolate that’s absolutely delicious.

The pink vending machine is pretty hard to miss once you get there, and it’s next to another cute cafe (or maybe two)! We, of course, took photos with the entrance :P There’s a giant, open window out of frame, so it’s quite obvious there’s a cafe there.

I was a bit surprised at how quiet and uncrowded it was considering everything I’d read online warned of lines!

After we took some photos, we walked in and ordered some food. It’s pretty pricey but not more expensive than other trendy cafes. You can choose between different drinks including lattes, teas, and specialty lattes that I imagine change seasonally. For desserts, there are doughnuts and tin cakes.

zapangi mermaid cake in front of Tin and Bottle sign

Nicole got black coffee, and we split a mermaid tin cake and unicorn doughnut. It’s tasty! I’m not picky about my sweets, so they tasted good to me. Here’s a menu I found online.

Zapangi Menu


  • Black Coffee: 4,500
  • Milk Coffee: 5,000
  • Soy Coffee: 5,500
  • Bottle Latte: 5,5000
  • Milk Tea (Original/Jasmine): 5,500
  • Milk Tea (Strawberry): 6,000
  • Soy Milk Tea (White Bean/Black Bean): 6,000
  • Ringo (Soda/Tea): 7,500

Specialty Drinks:

  • Aurora (Mocha/Choco): 7,500
  • Cream Latte (Toffenut/Strawberry): 7,500
  • Sakura Latte (Cherry Mocha/Cherry Choco): 9,000
  • Mermaid (Mocha/Choco): 9,500

Tin Cake + Doughnuts

  • Coffee Cake: 6,500
  • Sweet Potato Cake: 7,000
  • Dark Choco Cake: 7,000
  • Strawberry Cake: 8,500
  • Mermaid Cake: 9,500
  • Doughnuts: 5,000

How to Get to Zapangi

It’s about a straight 10-minute walk from Mangwon Station (망원역), Exit 2. Here’s a map if you need to follow one:

Quick Info for Zapangi

  • Korean Name: 자판기 카페
    (Fun Fact Zapangi means vending machine!)
  • Korea Address: 망원동 400-2 해오름 주상복합
  • English Address: 400-2 Mangwon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
  • Opening Times: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.


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