Thought I’d do a fun little post of all my outfits from this 2-month Asia trip!

I’m kind of impressed with myself over my outfits, and I made sure that every single piece I packed with me would be something I feel comfortable and look good in. The only thing I didn’t quite plan well for was the random cold front Korea had my first 2 weeks, but otherwise I think I did pretty well!

You’ve mostly like seen most of these looks on my Instagram, and I tried to get some sort of pic for everything I wore. I have maybe one or two dresses and gym shorts that didn’t make it haha, but otherwise, this is what I wore over and over again.

Airport Outfit

Super comfy! This was my outfit coming from late Feb Philly weather to humid KL weather. Too bad I wound up rubbing massive holes in the inside of my leggings… I think they were originally my mom’s and then she gave a bunch of them to me and my sister when she lost weight. 

Batu Caves & Thean Hou Temple Outfit

Gotta wear something fun and bright for rainbow stairs ;). That skirt was a total last minute find too! I went with my sister to the outlets, and I found it browsing through clearance. And, of course, those Birks have gone all over the world with me so far.

Sightseeing Outfit

This top is actually SUPER out of my comfort zone, but I loved it. Probably a lil too form fitting for how humid KL was, though. I came home and when I took it off, the whole band was wet with sweat. And the skirt is the one I thrifted in Oregon and I’m obsessed with it. It’s so flattering and easy to throw on.

Sightseeing Outfit

Perfect outfit for sightseeing with my new friend, Jane! Those shorts are so stretchy and comfortable, though definitely size up and try them on! I’m usually a size 14, and I got them in an 18. 

Cameron Highlands Outfit

Don’t ask me why I brought two pairs of denim shorts with me. I really only need one, but these are the men’s jeans I thrifted last fall and chopped up. This outfit was ok for what wound up being quite a trekking day! And you can’t see it but the top as cute little cactuses all over it. 

  • Shirt – old from Old Navy (same style)
  • Shorts– Men’s jeans I thrifted & cut off
  • Sneakers – Nike outlet
  • SunniesAmazon
  • DaypackGonex

Putra Mosque/Airport Outfit

You can’t see my airport outfit, but it was just a pair of shorts and a white top tucked in. The fabulous robe, though, is just rented from the mosque haha

  • Robe – borrowed at Putra ;)
  • Shoes – old from Puma

Singapore Outfit Day #1

I know I changed into a dress when I got to Singapore at night but I can’t remember what I was wearing and I don’t have pics, so… But my first sightseeing day, this is pretty much what I wore. Perfect for a late brunch and some roaming around.

Singapore Outfit #2

Love this dress, though I probably need to tailor it a bit. I actually want to get it in the different prints Old Navy has now. 

Seoul Cafes Outfit

This is basically the same outfit I wore in KL, but with a jean jacket and sneakers for warmth. Not pictured is the giant scarf I brought with me and lived in during the cold front. Also that’s the new bag I got in Singapore! It’s super cute, but it’s not great at staying closed…

Seoul Sightseeing Outfit 

Warm outfit to wander around cafes. I also had my jean jacket for outside.

Seoul Photoshoot Outfit #1

  • Shirt – super old from H&M
  • Skirt – thrifted
  • Shoes – old from Puma
  • Bag – from Singapore (similar)

Seoul Photoshoot Outfit #2

Jeju West Coast Outfit

Same exact outfit as the KL one. I wanted the red to pop with the canolas. It was pretty windy out, so I didn’t want to wear my red dress.

Jeju East Coast Outfit

I probably wore this at some point in KL too! It was too windy for that skirt haha. I had to make sure I didn’t flash anyone.

Jeju Morning Sightseeing Outfit

I’m also pretty sure I wore this jumpsuit on its own in KL. It’s too freaking comfortable! I wore this outfit like 3-4 times more in Korea, including taking the train up to Seoul and going back to Namwon. It just got so cold my last week, and I didn’t feel like wearing my jeans all the time. 

Teapot Cafe Outfit

Same outfit as KL. It was too cold for this, way too cold. But I was optimistic with the sun that morning lol.

  • Shirt – old from American Eagle (similar)
  • Skirt – thrifted
  • Shoes – old from Puma
  • Bag – from Singapore (similar)

Warmer Days Outfit

Ok, so obviously this pic isn’t from church! But I wore this outfit + my jean jacket and heavy scarf to church in Namwon and spent the whole day there. It wasn’t remotely warm enough, but my clothes were in the wash, sooo… I also wore it to Everland, also wasn’t warm enough…

  • Shirt – super old from H&M
  • Skirt – super old from H&M
  • Shoes – old from Puma

Jinhae Outfit

Cute outfit for the cherry blossoms and the weather still being a bit cool!

Damyang Outfit

Another comfortable outfit. Also hair scarves are my obsession at the moment. I started wanting them last summer and then I love them even more after watching Felicity Jones rocking them as RBG in On the Basis of Sex.

Lotte World & Tower Outfit

Perfect little outfit for walking around Lotte World and Lotte Tower! I got the cat ears for fun at Lotte because why not? 

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