Christmas is rounding the corner! And Hanukkah is already here! Obviously I’m a little late to the traveler gift guide party, but between random Pinterest binges to blog reading whenever I’m on the bus, I’ve come across some really fun traveler themed gifts. A lot of these have been or on my on wishlist, so I thought I’d  share them with you all.


You can never go wrong with a crossbody bag for a traveler. She often needs one for when she goes shopping, goes out at night, etc. They’re much smaller and much easier to keep safe! I have a little MK bag from two years ago in a cognac (luggage) color that I still use all the time. Unless she really loves a certain color, I’d keep it in a neutral shade of brown or black. I also definitely recommend getting a bag in saffiano leather as it’s insanely durable. Just make sure you protect your leather bags with spray and conditioning!

Crossbody Bags

Cambridge Satchel Classic Satchel | Old Navy Tassle Mini Crossbody Bag |
MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Saffiano Crossbody 


If she’s a big photography buff, make sure she’s got an appropriate and stylish camera bag for her travels. If her travel style is more jet set, then go for something leather or more dressed up. If she’s more backpacker, then something in nylon or canvas will suit her much better. I personally brought the Herringbone camera bag off G-Market last year before I went to Thailand & Cambodia, and I’ve been loving its ease of use and organization. It’s usually my carry-on.

camera bags



I’m in LOVE with coloring books. They’re insanely soothing, and just a fun way to be creative while doing something mindless like watching TV or listening to podcasts. They definitely do calm you down as well. They’re a big thing in Korea where stress is a huge issue. While I have some more abstract ones like the Secret Garden coloring book, I love ones with a travel theme because I love the inspiration. Right now I have a general city one and a Spain-themed one I found in a bookstore. I also have this cute map of Korea where you can color in places you’ve been!

Travel Coloring Books



Still on my list! I’ve wanted one since college, and they’re generally not expensive, so I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one for myself yet… Anyhow, I think these are jut the cutest! Whether you want a more expensive one like the MK watch or handmade Etsy watch, you can’t really go wrong.




A girl’s gotta have inspiration for the days she is at home. My friend recently got me a scratch off world map for a birthday/Christmas gift, and I’m obsessed with it! It’s so much fun to scratch away at the places I’ve been and to plan out where I want to go next.

Home Dec



  • Here There Be Dragons | Trunkist x A Clothes Horse– Rebecca paired up with Trunkist to create this small capsule collection featuring a quirky map print. Since polyester makes my armpits sweat too easily, my eye is on the skirt.
  • An Audible Subscription– One thing I’m really into recently are podcasts and books on tape. I did sign up for Audible, and I really like it so far. Sometimes your eyes just get tired or you want to stare blankly out the window and scenery while listening to a book.
  • Travel-Themed Books– Any books you’ve read or think she’d LOVE. Check out our slowly growing “In Her Library” section for some inspiration.
  • A Playlist for the Road– Got a small budget? Try just putting together a thoughtful playlist. Pick songs and explain why each reminds you of her or her travels or travel in general. It’s probably the most personal in this gift guide!
What are some of your ideas? These are just a few that I’ve been bouncing around in my head! I thought going into clothes, shoes, and even more practical gifts would make this guide a novel.
Guide Created By Samantha

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