[dropcap]A[/dropcap]hh, Valentine’s Day. It’s actually one of my favorite holidays, believe it or not. While you’d think 24 years of being completely single would turn me completely off on romantic love and this “Hallmark holiday,” it has not. In fact, each year I actively fight against becoming bitter, buying a bunch of chocolate, and crying to Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Last year my friend and I spent a lovely day pampering ourselves in Hoi An and all through college I watched my favorite love movies and witnessed even the most clueless boyfriends step it up for this special day.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and love in general, I thought I’d round up some lovely travel blogging couples who are redefining #couplegoals. After all, nothing quite tests a relationship like the stresses of travel or moving abroad.

These lucky people have not only found love, they’ve found someone who shares their passion for travel.

Travel Blogging Couples Who Redefine #CoupleGoals

2 Food Trippers | Daryl + Mindi

Daryl and Mindi are a married couple traveling the world one meal at a time. They left their 9-to-5 jobs a year ago and love to share their food-focused adventures on their blog and with their social media followers.

A Brit and a Southerner | Chris + Heather

Chris hails from England and Heather hails from Arkansas. They aim to inspire like-minded individuals to join them as they explore the world “one weekend at a time.”

A Hole in My Shoe | Lyn + Steve

Lyn and Steve a blogging duo from Perth, Western Australia. Despite living in the world’s most isolated city, never traveling until they were 50, and working full time, they’re up to a count of 27 countries so far.

A Journey We Love | Ruby + Peter

Ruby is from the Phillippines and Peter is from Slovakia. They met and live in Florida with their pup, Rosy, and balance full-time jobs with a love of travel. Their ultimate goal is to be financially independent by 2030.

Blank Canvas Voyage | Thomas + Telma

Thomas and Telma are the couple behind Blank Canvas Voyage. They left London on a one-way ticket to travel the world indefinitely. Their objective is promoting long-term adventure and sustainable living, through their own stories, photography, and videos in Sign Language – all self-produced.

Bobo + Chichi | Megan + Scott

Megan and Scott met in southern California before ditching their jobs to teach English in Korea. After a few years of teaching and traveling in Asia, they’ve turned their blog and Hyperlapse Photography into a full-time career.

Photo by Hedgers Abroad

Chasing KM | Kayley + Mark

Kayley and Mark are a South African couple who has spent the last two years teaching in Korea. They’re planning a huge year of adventures post-contract ending with a wedding back at home.

Curious Explorers | Claire + Danik

Claire and Danik combined their individual blogs just recently to form Curious Explorers. They’re a couple from the UK who like to share the adventures they have around the world from hiking, diving, marathon running, or just exploring new cultures and foods.

Drifter Planet | Sonal + Sandro

Sonal and Sandro met while traveling, got married and are now traveling the world to attend music festivals at new locations.

Drink Tea Travel | Oksana + Max

Oksana and Max are a nomadic couple on a mission to see the world and turn their love for travel into a sustainable lifestyle. They travel beyond major sights and tourist attractions in search of cultural experiences, human connections, and great tea in hope of inspiring others to travel more and travel for longer!

Fit Two Travel | Tip + Tarah

Tip and Tarah are a married couple who travel while working full-time as personal trainers. On a mission to see the world while keeping fit and inspiring others to join them.

Follow Me Away | Victoria + Terrence

Victoria and Terrence are the creative couple behind the travel blog, Follow Me Away, and The Follow Me Away Project. Victoria models in vintage gowns and Terrence photographs her in locations around the world. Together, they hope to broaden the scope of travel photography.

Get Gone and Travel | Aaron + Tey

Aaron and Tey are childhood sweethearts and “undercover nerds” who like their dates in different cities (or countries!). They’re currently based in southern California and working their way through North America and then the world.

Getting Stamped | Hannah + Adam

Hannah and Adam gave up the American Dream to pursue their dream to travel the world. They’ve been traveling non-stop since 2013. They’ve currently been to 66 countries & six continents and have no plans on stopping!

Gypsy Couple | Rishabh & Nirali

Rishabh is a geek and Nirali is a fashionista; travel is their common love. They were brought together through an arranged marriage system and have since decided to discover life through travel.

Hedgers Abroad | Stephanie + Ryan

Stephanie and Ryan met while studying at university in Oklahoma. Instead of settling down as newlyweds, they decided to move to Korea and find a way to travel the world. They’ve been living in the Korean countryside and traveling Asia ever since.

Read More: See the Hedgers’ guide to Yeosu, their hometown in Korea

Hopping Miles | Ashwini + Neetan

Based out of Bangalore, Ashwini and Neetan love escaping to nature and enjoying the slower side to travel. They balance work, family, and their love for adventure while sharing their itineraries and tips on their blog.

KarolinaPatryck.com | Karolina + Patryck

Karolina and Patryck are a Polish couple who decided normal life was not for them. They run their own company and are online entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

Lost With Purpose | Alex + Sebastiaan

Alex and Sebastiaan an American and a Dutchie who met in Thailand, fell in love in Laos, lived in the Netherlands, and are now backpacking, writing, and photographing their way throughout all kinds of uncommon destinations in Asia.

Luxury Backpacking | Emma + Yannick

We first met in a hostel in Edinburgh, had a long distance love, and now we’re married and traveling the world hand in hand. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we believe that we journey farther, together.

Nomadic Boys | Stefan + Sebastien

Stefan and Sebastien left comfortable lives in London to seek out new adventure around the world. Their blog has grown from tales of their trips to a mainstay in the gay travel world and is now their full-time jobs.

Non Stop Destination | Lies + Ash

Lies, a Belgian national, and Ash, a South African, are Visual Effects artists who met in London while working on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. They travel the world while balancing their careers.

One Modern Couple | Carolann + Macrae

After falling in love and preparing for a 9-5 life, both Carolann and Macrae knew they had to get out of their lifestyle. After learning some virtual and digital skills and deciding they could work online from anywhere, they left their daily lives to travel full-time.

Roaming Around the World | John + Heather

Joh and Heather are a married couple from the US who have been on a non-stop journey around the globe over the past 3+ years. Currently, on the move in Ecuador, they’re always on an endless search for adventure, travel value, and incredible destinations around the world!

Salt in Our Hair | Hannah + Nick

Having studied both graphic design and web developing in the Netherlands, creating a beautiful travel blog only made sense. The duo create beautiful videos, photos, and more to inspire travel.

Snorkels to Snow | John + Juliette

Joh and Juliette hail from New Zealand where a common love of snow and ocean adventures has led them to create their , blog. Their goal is to explore all the sea and mountains have to offer.

The Common Wanderer | Mark + Miranda

Mark and Miranda are an everyday Australian couple who love travel and adventure. In 2015, they traded office cubicles and chats by the water cooler for life on the road and real human connections instead. They created The Common Wanderer to share some of the incredible, humbling, exciting places and human stories discovered during their travels.

The Orient Excess | Robb + Marie-Carmen

Robb and Marie-Carme are a British and French couple who travel slowly in Asia and, as often as possible, on motorbikes. They met in Thailand, had their first date in Myanmar, got engaged in Vietnam, married in Hong-Kong, and had their honeymoon in Japan all while calling in Sichuan, China home.

The Trouvaille | Lexi + Steve

Lexi and Steve are a young Australian couple who love to travel the world to seek out beautiful places. Last November they had their 10th anniversary while still being in their 20’s.

The Snow Chasers | Mick + Jen

Mick and Jen are an Australian couple in the pursuit of travel. They’re traveling the world one ski resort at a time and believe adventure is everywhere.

The World Pursuit | Natasha + Cameron

Natasha and Cameron tried life in the Big Apple only to realize they never were going to shake the wanderlust bug. Now they’re traveling full-time, always looking for those off-the-beaten-path destinations and documenting their experiences on their blog.

Together to Wherever | Rob + Taiss

Rob and Taiss (and their cat, Milton) left their lives in California to join the online entrepreneur community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They hope to live a life in as many places as possible. Their hope is to live in locations around the world long enough to get to know the locals, culture, and the food.

Travelling Weasels | Laura + Tanbay

Laura and Tanbay were on the road to conventional success when they decided to sell all their belongings and weasel out of the rat race to travel the world. Known for their house sitting experience, their goal is travel both slowly and luxuriously.

Two Drifters | Amy + Nathan

Amy and Nathan first met in a hostel in Edinburgh, had a long distance love, and now they’re married and traveling the world hand in hand. Wherever they go and whatever they do, they believe that they journey farther, together.

Two Scots Abroad | Gemma + Craig

Gemma and Craig, full-time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world! Check-in for travel tips, quips, and pics that please. Go on, MAKE TRAVEL HAPPEN.

I know, I know. I was feeling my singledom putting this together and reading each of their stories! Anyhow, Happy Valentine’s Day and may we all be so lucky to find a traveling soulmate!

How about you? What passion do you and your loved one share?


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  1. Great post, all the couples are so inspiring!
    My husband and I are a couple for more than 6 years and we share our passion for wine, dancing and following the locals everywhere we go!

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