Don’t worry, I’m nowhere near done with all my Taiwan posts! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve finished sharing my all my Taiwan photos there. However, I thought I’d add some (okay a lot) here as well.

I really loved my trip, and I can’t wait to go back to explore the other half of the island! Hopefully, I’ll have a lot less rainy weather.

For a quick recap, I was in Taiwan for about 2 weeks, basing myself in Hualien, Jiufen, and Taipei. I’m sure I could have squeezed in Taichung and Kaohsiung as well, but I wanted to slow travel and really enjoy where I was!

Taiwan in 33 Beautiful Photos

As soon as I landed in Taoyuan, I headed to a high-speed train and went to Hualien.

I’d already booked a private hostel room for five days near the center of the city. My main goal was to see Taroko Gorge as I honestly didn’t do a ton of research into Hualien itself.

I spent two days, both the first and last days, just walking around. I mapped out a few places to see and just kind of used Google Maps to lead me in different directions.

I’m honestly not sure what this building is for! It’s right by Nanbin Park.
All these lanterns are strewn up for Chinese New Year
Hualien’s Night Market during the day
Hualien Martyr’s Shrine

And here are a few from Taroko Gorge. If you want to see more of those photos, just check out my Taroko Gorge itinerary guide. But, yeah, to make a story short, it’s incredible.

Bridge near the Eternal Spring Shrine
Qixingtan Beach

After Hualien, I booked a shuttle bus that would go through Jiufen on its way to Taipei. I really wanted to see Qingshui Cliff, but it didn’t look particularly easy to get to without a car. However, when I was on Klook, I noticed they had a shuttle bus that included the cliffs, so I booked it immediately!

Unfortunately, it was raining like crazy that day and absolutely freezing! The cliff is so famous because you can see all these different shades of blue in the water. It was harder to see the shades with such crappy weather, but it was still a beautiful area.

We stopped at a few different places on the way to Jiufen, but I have to go back and figure out where. I was kind of exhausted and cold, so I wasn’t really paying attention to my surroundings! I do remember we stopped somewhere for a huge seafood lunch!

We got to Jiufen around nightfall, and I managed to meet my BnB host, who took me to where I was staying. I was actually only a five minute walk from this famous area:

Jiufen at night

Guys, if you love cats, you have to stay in this BnB. It’s just a super charming, stone home that I had all to myself. Outside all these rescue kitties hung out and stayed warm in the makeshift beds. My host was really lovely, and she came by each day to clean and make soup! Seriously, stay here. It also has pretty views out to the sea, that I’m sure are much nicer on a sunny day.

While in Jiufen, I walked around the town, especially Shuqi Road, and went over to Shifen Waterfall, or the “Little Niagra” of Taiwan.

Shifen Waterfall
Shifen Waterfall

After Jiufen, I went to Taipei, where I was staying for the rest of my trip. I booked an Airbnb right down the road from Taipei 101 near Dongmen Station.

I was actually a bit sick from all the rain and cold (and not packing nearly enough sweaters), so I slept for a day or two before I felt better.

When I was 100% again, I mapped out where I wanted to see on Google Maps. I spent the rest of my time just wandering around and, of course, eating! This did get a little harder to do around Chinese New Year as everything closed down during the celebrations. Just something to note if you’re planning on going around then!

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Longshan Temple

This is a bit of a trek, but if you can go visit Tian Yuan Gong temple! You can easily start your day there and wind your way back through Beitou Hot Springs, Kitten Coffee Garden, and Shilin Night Market.

Tian Yuan Gong Details
Kitten Coffee Garden
Temple in Shilin Market
Some night market food

Also, couldn’t go to Taipei and not hike up Elephant Mountain to see Taipei 101 all lit up.

View of Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain

This list is definitely not complete as I’m sure I’ll want to make it longer when I get a chance to see the rest of Taiwan! Have you been to any of these places? Let me know!

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  1. Can I come with you when you go back? Haha <3 Love, love, looove all your photos Samantha! Taiwan looks so gorgeous through your eyes!

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