This Style Files post is dedicated to the best accessory anyone can have while traveling! This is my appreciation post of sunglasses and their many styles. This accessory is both necessary for sun protection, and they’re easy to look good in! My friends and I had an ongoing joke about our sunglasses keeping the derp away in Thailand, especially during our whole island hopping in Krabi. I definitely have gone through my fair share of sunglasses whether it’s losing or breaking them, but the last few months I buckled down and ordered a few I really loved. I have a variety of sunglasses style since I don’t really wear make-up, but I do like to look nice in my photos. Here’s what I’ve accumulated so far:

for when you want to feel chic


Yes, in case you were wondering, that’s my “chic” face. :p Anyhow, I spent four years during college working for a certain fashion company that loved the aviator style. They considered aviators one of their five classic pieces for a cool, timeless look. I obviously drank the Koolaid. I do think they’re amazing sunglasses, and I see countless women look effortlessly stylish in them. They do tend to look better when I weigh a little less since I tend to show in my face, so I’ve been sidelining them recently (there’s a lot of salt and sugar in Korean food!). However, if you have the face shape to pull them off or just love them and don’t care about things like face shape, definitely grab yourself a pair!

Mine are Michael Michael Kors Sicily from the outlets about 3 years ago, similar styles below:

for when you want to be a little trendy


sunglasses-pink-1One of the trendier sunglasses lately have a mirrored lens. They’re super popular in Korea, and I remember seeing the blue mirrored aviators popping up all over my Instagram feed last year. I tried out a knock off pair in Cambodia when my pair broke and the only sunglass options I had were knock-offs. While I liked them, I wasn’t in love with the style. However, I recently saw someone wearing pink mirrored lenses, and I was sold. These ones are just so fun. I don’t get to wear them a ton, but I do like bringing them out when I’m in Seoul! I also have some plans for them in Bali.

Mine are from Gmarket. When you’re choosing, choose LE5000 in pink (핑크), similar looks below:

for when you just want something classic



No brainer, right? Black is easy and versatile. It goes with pretty much everything, and if you’re trying to pack light, they’re easy! I usually have a wayfarer style, but I couldn’t find a pair that didn’t seem a bit too small on my face, so I got these. They’re a bit bigger and rounder, and they complement my face a lot more. However, I still feel if you’re going to really invest in sunglasses, a Rayban wayfarer pair will take you a long way. When I can justify spending $$$ on my sunglasses, that’s what I’m getting.

Mine are from G-market. Pick 24_MM9001 in black (유광블랙). Similar looks below:

for when you want something a little more feminine 



These are actually my favorite pair right now, and I often grab them on my way out the door. My style also has been leaning towards a more girly style, so that may be why. Ever since I saw this Taylor Swift picture and this Jessica Jung picture, I’ve been considering a white or off white pair, and I’m so glad I got them! They also look pretty cute with a red lip, if you want something even more fun.

Mine are from Gmarket. Pick  07_JJ8300, Beige (베이지). Similar looks below:

So, what’s your sunglasses style?

Words by Samantha, Photography by Michelle

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  1. I’m loving the mirrored glasses! I wanted to get a really fun pink pair kind of like the ones in your photo, but apparently I have expensive taste because all of the pink ones that looked good on me were all over $100! Haha, I can’t spend that much on a trendy pair! Fun post, hope to see more like this from you too!

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