I’ve been wanting to stay in Seoul Mansion for a little while now. When I realized it was in Hongdae and close to a subway stop, I knew I had to stay there for my last night in Korea. This 18-room guesthouse is nestled into an alleyway near Exit 3, so you get to be near one of Seoul’s most popular neighborhoods without worrying about noise. The owner and staff has a lot of experience working with international guests, so they know exactly what to think of that your normal Korean hosts might not.

After a fun, but long two weeks traveling around Jeju and Seoul, I loved being able to end my two years here, in what felt like my own little apartment (funny enough right near where my adventures began as a student five years ago!). Check out the full review below.


My room had two single beds, but still plenty of space. Mine was totally comfortable, and I slept straight through the night, which I normally don’t do before I fly.



The bathroom is a typical Korean bathroom. They do warn you against flushing as their pipes are still narrow. However the trashcan provided is fully closed and cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about things feeling gross. The shower handle is set lower, so I actually propped it up where I’d normally hang towels so I could have it on without physically holding it. The bathroom comes with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.



In your room, there is also a TV, a clothes rack, and a little kitchen set! No, really, there’s a water boiler, dishes, and silverware just for you. They offer breakfast starting at 8:30, but since I needed to be at the airport at 9, I was already gone by the time it opened. You can bring breakfast back to eat in your room or eat on their rooftop and enjoy the views of Hongdae. If you need, you can also rent a Wi-Fi egg at 3,000 KRW (~$3)/day with a 100,000 KRW (~$100), and there are laundry services for longer term travelers.


The hosts were friendly and communicative. I arrived later, but they were perfectly okay with me needing to change my check-in times.



It’s in a pretty prime location. Just around the corner and about a three to five minute walk from Hongdae, Exit 3 (which has escalators in case you’re lugging a suitcase). It was easy to find and they emailed me a little map beforehand. Just as a warning, they don’t have elevators, so yes, you do need to lug said suitcase up a some stairs!


Duplex: 180,000 KRW
Family: 140,000 KRW
Triple: 120,000 KRW
Double Deluxe: 80,000 KRW
Double: 70,000 KRW
Twin: 80,000 KRW
Single Deluxe: 60,000 KRW
Single: 50,000 KRW


If you book on their site directly, they offer a 5% discount.



Disclosure: I was a guest of Seoul Mansion for one night while in Seoul. However all opinions are my own.


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