There’s always a little bit of magic when you find someone who’s ready to take off roaming the world. It’s even more special when that someone turns out to be the love of your life and your husband. While Nic and Shorty may not have known back in the summer of 2002 that they would become full time travelers, they knew their futures were going to be anything but boring. After meeting in Littleborough, a small village near Manchester, they spent their days with friends looking for excitement. “We got up to all sorts of trouble, but it was that time of exploration and rebellion which really influenced the idea behind being ‘Roaming Renegades’ in the years to come!”

Fast forward to university when Nic got her first taste of wanderlust, traveling to New York, Paris, and Prague. “I was so keen to take Shorty out to see the world in the way I had and thankfully that adventurous spirit I fell in love with as a skater kid, just like me, translated well into the world of travel!” They began their traveling together slowly, visiting London in 2007 and then to Lisbon in 2008. Heck, they even planned a whole wedding across the pond in New York City in 2013!

She recommends this slow build approach for all traveling couples. “Go on smaller adventures together first and indulge in each other’s’ interests…But the main thing is to be really honest with each other and what you want out of traveling so you don’t end up feeling you missed out because you were accommodating the other person.”

This past year alone, they visited Dublin, Giant’s Causeway, Wicklow Mountains, and Belfast in Ireland, Bratislava, Slovakia, Vienna, Austria, and the Swiss Alps. Nic did a little solo trip over to Basel, Switzerland and then a few towns between France and Germany. “We hadn’t planned to do so much in the one year, but we always keep our mind open to whatever adventure we can get involved in.”

This mindset was born out of a combination of events. Nic was left out of a stag party; there was a pending knee surgery, and the couple lost a friend too young. It has propelled the couple to break the tradition of routine and to just go for it. While they decided they’d eventually slow down in Switzerland, that slowing down isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

“There are just endless possibilities out there to be discovered. Adventures, culture shock, getting lost on purpose!” A few of her favorite moments have included “being overwhelmed in Tokyo, being left speechless by the majesty of the Swiss Alps, looking out over the view of New York and the Empire State building, and setting eyes on St. Basil’s Cathedral for the first time in Moscow.” They also fell in love with Krakow, Poland, and Budapest, Hungary. Krakow will always be a forever favorite.

“We love travelling with each other, it’s the most wonderful thing to have an amazing experience, to see something that really makes your hair stand on end or make your wildest dreams a reality and be able to turn around and share it with the person that you love. I think that the idea of having someone to share these things with is the most important part, to talk about what you have seen, and make memories together.” She also goes on to mention how nice it is to have someone who will always be an ally, who will encourage you and tell you when enough is enough, “…someone who knows you inside out, who gets the best out of you.”

Even luckier for them is that they do share so much of the same interests. So much so that Nic feels like they’re the same person at times. “We are lucky in that we share the same hobbies, taste in music, and choice of destinations…” And while there are still small compromises here and there, maybe he’s hungry and she still needs the perfect shot, she considers them good for each other as they serve as little reminders.

Next year is going to be an even bigger adventure than last. They’ve officially quit their jobs and saved up their money for this year abroad. “We have a kind of route planned out that starts in Milan and takes us through Eastern Europe, across the Trans-Mongolian, all over South East Asia, and then to Australia and New Zealand. After that we want to explore the Americas, but we haven’t planned that far ahead yet.

“It will be our first time travelling long term. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking prospect which will likely be a steep learning curve for us. Part of the reason we wanted to pack up our 9-5 lives was to avoid that predictable and pre-planned existence and become a lot more free to live life on our own terms. We decided that we would craft a life around our passions first and foremost and work here and there around that rather than the other way around. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are so to speak!”

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What do you guys think? Do you travel with your loved one often? How about full time?

Interview by Samantha, Photos via the Roaming Renegades

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