I decided to split my time in Jeju into two halves, the West + South Coast and the East Coast. I explored the West and South Coast completely via public transportation (and an occasional taxi) using Naver Maps and some prior research. While I’ll do a more complete guide to Jeju later, I thought I’d just share some pictures of where I went!

Hyeopjae Beach
Sunset at Hyeopjae Beach

As soon as I got into the harbor in Jeju City, I hopped over to the bus terminal to go to Hyeopjae Beach. The ride was about an hour, and my hostel was right near the water. I got there just in time to take a nap and catch a super gorgeous sunset. Also I ate the most delicious pizza ever at Donatos.

Yongmeori Beach
The Closest I Could Get to Yongmeori Beach

I saw this place over on Seoul State of Mind while looking through his Jeju posts. It looked a bit like some of the Grand Canyon photos I’ve been seeing, so I was eager to go over and check it out. I went right after checking into my next guesthouse, only to find it closed due to high tide. However, the whole area around Sanbangsan was still open to stroll around.

O’Sulloc Tea Fields

These are Jeju’s famous green tea fields! They’re beautiful, and the further you walk away from the museum, the less people are out and about. The O’Sulloc cafe was crazy crowded, so I didn’t even try walking around. Personally, if I had to choose, I’d go to the Boseong Green Tea Fields. It’s less crazy, plus the fields are on a slope, while these are flatter.

Seeing Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and strategically photographing them so you don't see the crowd nearby...
Seeing Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and strategically photographing them so you don’t see the crowd nearby…

I couldn’t very well leave Jeju and not see a waterfall! I’m not going to lie, I was pretty tired by Day 3. Jeju was a bit faster than I like to travel, but I only had four days. I headed to Cheonjiyeon despite wanting to sleep more, and after wandering for quite a bit, I finally found the entrance. There are quite a lot of people there, and everyone wants photos in the same places. I managed to get this shot, but you’d be surprised at all the people I cropped out ;P. I did sit for a bit to enjoy the falls as well.

Lee Jung Seop Street

I wanted to see this art street and find a cute cafe to sit in and get some work done. As soon as my taxi driver dropped me off, this pink cafe was waiting. It’s called Cafe Villa de Ato There I hung out until the sunset and headed back to my guesthouse.

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