I haven’t done one of these photo posts in quite a while, and I’ve actually been meaning to write more about my Bali trip since, you know, I was on it back for my 24th birthday! For a little backstory– my friend, Elissa (who, if you’ve read this blog before, pops up a lot) and I had one last vacation before we finished our contracts and decided to spend a week in Bali. We only did a week because that was the easiest way to match up our schedules for my birthday, and Elissa was leaving Korea within days of our return for a long Europe trip.

We stayed in Canggu and planned our day trips from there, and it was absolutely lovely! Such a nice getaway from Korea’s summer humidity and a way to celebrate ending our two years as elementary ESL teachers. I recently re-edited my photos from the trip, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos and hopefully, they inspire you to visit Bali to see it all for yourself.

Is Bali safe right now?

I feel like before I start posting these pretty images, I should make a note of the recent volcano warnings! In case you were curious, there were warnings issued the volcano, Mt. Agung, last year. I talked to a friend who’s there now, and she said it’s been completely fine. There’s a danger zone warning about 7-8 km around the volcano, but most of the places you go (Ubud, Canggu, etc) are at least 40 or more kilometers away.

Anyhow, on to the photos!

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Bali

Since I haven’t even really explored most of the island, these photos are mainly from Canggu, Ubud, and some places in between.

1. Tegenungan Waterfall from Afar

Since Tegenungan is kind of in a valley, you have to climb down to see it up close. This means you can get a really beautiful bird’s eye view as soon as you’re dropped off at the entrance. Yes, it’s a popular place and was mildly crowded when we went in the afternoon, but it was still stunning. If you want, you can actually go swimming!

2. A Little Pocket in Ubud

I’m not really sure where this area is, but it was the first thing we saw getting out of our taxi in Ubud. I just thought it looked like a charming little area compared to the slightly more chaotic streets of the city.

3. + 4. Tegallalang Rice Fields

The famous Balinese rice fields! Tegallang is one of those “insta” famous places, and it shows. This is probably the only place in Bali that felt super touristy (even compared to Mt. Batur and Tegenungan). Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous, and we enjoyed getting dinner here and doing a little people watching. These shots are from where we were sitting with our food.

6. Random stops on the way home

This is a random area on our way back to our guesthouse from Ubud! We were driving back at sunset, and our driver was nice enough to stop so I could run out and take a photo. He didn’t even act like I might be a little crazy :p

7. A motorbike

I snapped this in the middle of our mountain bike experience, but I think it’s a good representation of what you’ll want to get if you stay here for longer than a week or so. We called for a taxi for most of our days outside of Canggu, but obviously, this adds up if you’re here for a month. Motorbikes are great to rent or even buy, and if you can learn to ride one here, then you can rent one in more bustling countries like Vietnam or Thailand! I still have to learn…

8. Quieter rice fields

This looks so peaceful, but this was actually right before my hectic mountain biking experience!

9. Tanah Lot + the End of Our Bike Ride

Our bike ride actually ended at Tanah Lot, which is usually more popular for sunset. It’s really beautiful even in the middle of the day, and for an hour we forget how much our bums hurt from the last few hours!

10. Surfing

One popular thing to do in Bali is surfing! Canggu is best known for being a little surfing town. We didn’t partake in this activity ourselves since we already had a bike ride and a sunrise hike planned for this trip.

11. The pool by the dining area in our guesthouse

Nothing like having a smoothie while dipping your toes in the pool.

12. + 13. Canggu Sunsets

On one of the days, we simply stayed around Canggu and went down to the beach to catch the sunset. It was such a calm, beautiful view, only topped by…

14. The Sunrise from Mt. Batur

Witnessing the sunrise from Mt. Batur! Yes, we were hardly alone with about a hundred other people scattered around us, but everyone was quiet and respectful as we all watched and waited. I mean, we also did just hike a volcano for nearly 2 hours, so I think everyone was also exhausted. Either way, worth it! I wrote about it all in my post on the sunrise trek if you want to do the hike yourself! Let’s just say, thank goodness for our guide, Eka.

15. The Rest Area of Our Guesthouse

After we made our way back to our guesthouse post-Mt. Batur, we took naps, showered, and got lunch. I honestly couldn’t even tell you in what order we did those three things because it was all such a blur. I do remember we wound up hanging out in this area after our lunch. It’s such a cute area, and if you need to do any online work, this is the perfect place to do it.

16. Breakfasts Like This

Part of why we stayed at the Chillhouse was because we knew both breakfast and dinner was covered, and the photos of the breakfast options had me salivating when I was looking up reviews. I wish I could recreate half of the things I ate in Bali!

17. Delicious satay lunch

Another meal. This was lunch after we got out in Ubud. I’m not even sure what restaurant it was specifically, but it was the first one we saw. I believe these are chicken satays though, and they were delicious.

18. Ending at Ubud Palace

Our last stop in Ubud was the Palace. We got ice cream from a little vendor nearby and just relaxed and wandered around the grounds while waiting for our taxi to come back and pick us up. It’s a stunning area!

19. Pretending to roam for the ‘gram.

Had to get some for the ‘gram ;P. We did actually roam the grounds, but not with Elissa taking photos of me! I just saw this and thought it’d make a nice shot, so I framed the shot and she just clicked away. There’s probably like 20 photos of me and most of them I’m pulling some weird face!

20. Monkeys on Mt. Batur

Circling back to Mt. Batur, I thought I’d end this post with the best shots I could get of the monkeys we met on our way down! They didn’t try to steal anything from us, but Elissa was almost plowed over by other hikers eager to see them. Since we didn’t go to the Ubud Monkey forest or Uluwatu, this was the only time we saw these guys.

Have you been to Bali? I’d love to go back! I can see why people love it so much.


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