Let me preface this whole article by wholeheartedly assuring you that given the opportunity to stay in one place in Seoul again, this studio in Gangnam would be my choice every single time. The only reason I see not staying here is if I’m attending a festival or something that takes place on the opposite end of the subway line (which would be an hour’s travel). However, I enjoyed my stay here thoroughly, and for the price, how could I not choose here or one of Juliette’s various listings? You can tell someone with a penchant for feminine decor designed the apartment’s layout. It’s clean, beautiful, and just simple.


Bed: The bed is a double size and extremely comfortable. There is a regular pillow and a throw pillow for your to use. Also, the sofa folds out into a bed if you each want your own or have a third person with you.

Bathroom: The bathroom is a dream, particularly for someone as finicky as me about bathroom situations. It’s an all white design. The shower is separate from the bathroom with wonderful water pressure. The toilet is a bidet. For the shower, Juliette provided full size towels, extra towels, bath soap, shampoo, and a bath sponge. For the sink, she provided a bar of soap.

Other Amenities: There’s a full kitchen and microwave with a stove top. There are also 3 sets of dishes, mugs, and bowls, as well as 2 cups. Various cleaning products, a washing machine (though you’ll have to bring your own detergent), towels, and various utensils.

Host: Juliette is amazing! She’s very prompt with her answers, and she’s very flexible and gracious. She can text you via Whatsapp, KakaoTalk, or regular text.

Mornings in the Lovely & Cozy Studi

Location: You can’t get better than this. The apartment is literally 2 minutes away from Gangnam Station Exit 1. There’s a 7-11 nearby (on Floor 1) as well as a little gelato/coffee shop on the B1 level.

Price: At 86,000 won a night (about $80/night), it’s a steal. Shared between two people, it’s only 43,000 a night, and if you’re really tight on money, it still accommodates 3, with the sofa opening up into a bed.  That will put you at less than 30,000 a night for privacy and total convenience.

Where to Book: You can book on Air BnB via Lovely & Cozy Studio. If you don’t have an Air BnB account: Sign-Up Here.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Words and Photographs by Samantha

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