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WEEK 9: JUNE 4th – JUNE 10th

Whoo, what a week! I’m definitely getting cabin fever. I miss my little apartment in Namwon, and I’m pretty pumped for whatever I get in Jeollanamdo this Fall! I already packed a few candles and things I carried with me from my last place (which I named “Windy Poplars,” shout out if you know why).

Anyhow, this week was chock full of Korea-related paperwork. Everything turned out alright after all. I emailed my coordinator in a panic on Saturday, and she got back to me Monday morning and let me know that if I went through a channeler instead of straight through the FBI, I could get it back a lot more quickly. She then sent me a link of FBI approved channelers, and I looked at Accurate Biometrics.

So, basically, first thing Monday morning I drove to my old hometown’s police department to get fingerprinted since my new hometown required an appointment, and the woman still hadn’t gotten back to me. Of course, as I remembered, they gave me my prints right away. It cost me $25, and they actually supplied the fingerprint cards (I got 2 as Accurate Biometrics requires 2 copies).

Then I drove home to message AB to clarify their different packages and printed out their attached paperwork (a credit card form and information document). I picked up my diploma as I left and went straight to Staples to see if they could copy it still in the frame. They couldn’t (really no normal print place can print something so huge…). I then went to FedEx and they told me it was too big too, but by this point, I wasn’t about to run around in the rain hoping some other place would be able to make a copy. Sooooo… we unsealed it. It actually turned out pretty disastrously. The poor guy was so careful, but as he was making extra copies after handing me back the original, I broke the frame glass trying to get everything back together.

For the record, professionally framing diplomas is highway robbery. Why the hell does it cost so much?!

This time I got two normal copies of my diploma as well as a smaller one so that when/if I get this guy sealed up again I have a copy to use.

While at FedEx I also mailed off my FBI background paperwork to AB, paying extra so that it arrived to them Wednesday at 4 p.m. and then paying their $70 fee to get my letter back the day after they finish processing everything (it takes 24-48 hours). Story short, I sent it out Monday morning and got it back on Friday! A lot better than the 8-12 weeks if you just send it straight to the FBI!

The guy at FedEx also let me know that the nearby UPS Store did notaries, so I went straight there to get my diploma copy notarized.

Tuesday morning, I went straight to Harrisburg to get my now notarized diploma copy an apostille. It’s weird, but I put in the 401 North Street address and it took me to some random little street. If you’re going to Harrisburg, you want to go to the State Capitol’s North Building on the 2nd floor. It’s $15 cash (there’s an ATM nearby if you didn’t bring any like me *cough*), and it takes the woman all of 5 minutes to fill out the paperwork for your apostille. I decided to stay in Harrisburg to do my work for the day. It has this really charming local chain called Little Amps Coffee Roaster, and one of the locations is right near the State Capitol.

Anyhow, that’s all in Korea paperwork related news! The rest of the week has been relatively quiet. I started work with a new Pinterest client, and have been hanging out at my local Panera getting all my computer work done.

Next week, I’m getting my medical evaluation and then going to DC for a few days to get my apostille and meet up with some friends!

In other news, I’m planning the last few months I have in the U.S., and I’m pretty excited by my plans. Basically:

  • After my cousin’s wedding, I’m going back down to North Carolina for a week or so.
  • Then I’m driving up and parking my car at my friend, Sean’s place in New Jersey while going into NYC to submit my visa application to the Korean consulate.
  • After all that I’m house sitting in Rhode Island for a friend.
  • Home for a bit to make sure I have everything packed in suitcases or boxes for my mom to ship once I have my Korean address (i.e. all my winter clothes!).
  • Then I’m flying out to Wyoming where my friend, Allison, is living and doing some kickass work with environmental law.
  • From there I’m flying to my friend, Elissa’s place in L.A. for a few days.
  • As a bit of a birthday present to myself, I’m renting a car and FINALLY driving the Pacific Coast Highway up to San Francisco. I’m not sure how long exactly I’ll be in LA or SF, but I’m planning on flying to Incheon from SF. I’m hoping to spend a few days in Seoul before orientation starts, but I’m kind of playing everything by ear!

Whoo! Things are looking up! Here are some things I’m loving this week:

  • I’m still on a major Liane Moriarity kick! Just downloaded What Alice Forgot to my Kindle app, and I already can’t put it down. When I was younger and the Internet wasn’t nearly as speedy as it is today, I used to have a book open to read while I waited for things to send/download/upload. I find myself reaching to do this now, even if it’s only a 30-second window.
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale” this week! Praise be, bitches. I can’t believe we’re already at the season finale next week. Moira is by far my favorite character!
  • Say what you want about the Kardashian and Kendall’s latest “controversies,” but this ab workout is my new go-to. I first saw Michelle Khare review it on your her YT channel, and I’ve enjoyed doing with my cardio and push-up practice (up to 5 sets of 7 now).
  • This might be the best reenactment of Romeo + Juliet yet 😂
  • Always and forever #TeamTaylor. Off to stream Spotify and relive my high school playlist.
  • Wayfaren Co just sent me the loveliest travel journal as a gift! If you know me, I’m notebook/journal/agenda fanatic (I have to stop myself from buying multiple 2017 agendas), and I’m absolutely head over heels in love with this one. They sent me this one. It’s Made in the USA and filled with the sweetest travel-related details from maps to quotes to travel-specific journal pages and more. I’m going to use it to plan my summer trips, so I’ll let you know how practical it is later.

Whoo, feeling super chatty this week! What are you up to?

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