#Korea Week 28 – Photo shoots + Fall Weather

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Hellooo! Look at me, updating in a semi-timely manner!

Fall is definitely here. Mornings are cool, mid-day is sunny, and the nights are too chilly to leave my window completely open.

This last week I’ve been busy with work (22 classes is a pretty big jump from 18!) and some more behind the scenes blogging things! Nothing that exciting, just the more tedious aspects of blogging like updating links, re-editing posts, etc.

Some of my new classes are more like “Mommy & Me” classes, and holy ovaries the kids are so cute! They’re so young, their moms stay with them, and the classes are only 30-minutes, so we don’t do a lot. Lots of song + dance, and I’m teaching them the alphabet with playdough.

This weekend I went down to Yeosu to spend the weekend with the Hedgers. I got there Friday night and went we went to a friend’s for some snacks and drinks. Then Saturday morning I photographed them around Yeosu and got to try out my new camera. I have FINALLY upgraded to a full-frame DSLR, and honestly, if you’re ever interested in photography, just skip over the introductory things and go for a full frame. I can’t even wrap my head around how much better the quality is! I shot their photos with a kit lens (24-105mm), but I’m hoping to grab either a 40mm or 50mm when I’m in Seoul.

Then Stephanie and I did a styled shoot in the afternoon, which was a ton of fun! She did the photography, while I did the styling. We also borrowed a friend’s dog to take photos with our model, and she was absolutely adorable. Not a particularly still model, but a very cute and calm otherwise. I’ll link here when Stephanie uploads them to their blog, but you can see a sneak peak on their FB page here.

It actually wound up that we were going from 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., so by the time we finished and said goodbye to Sara, our model, we were actually exhausted! We ordered food and watched episodes of “Rick and Morty,” which I’ve heard referenced a million times but never actually saw before. FYI, guys, if you’re not watching it, watch! It’s so ridiculously clever and bizarre it makes you wish you had a front row seat to the creators’ imaginations.

Anyhow, next week I’m off to Seoul for the weekend! I actually completely mixed up my October dates, so I won’t be going to Seoul Fashion Week this time around, but I made a mental note to not miss it in February. My goal is to catch Changdeokgung with all the leaves completely changed and maybe revisit Deoksugung from the cafe observatory. I think this year I’ll be retaking a lot of my Korea photos with the new camera!

Some things I’m Loving:

  • Songs: “Ready for You” by HAIM and “STFU & Hold Me” by Liz Huett. Oh, and of course Taylor Swift’s new song “Gorgeous!” Is it a lyrical masterpiece? Obviously not really, but it’s fun and catchy.
  • Medjool dates – They finally came back in stock on iherb, so I ordered 5 bags! I keep seeing so many healthy Youtubers recommend them, and I need serious help curbing my sweet tooth that doesn’t involve me buying a bag of peanut M&Ms at the grocery store! I absolutely love them. They’re really rich, so you actually won’t sit there and eat ten in one go. Just put in some peanut or almond butter and enjoy!
  • And of course, I already mentioned I now get the hype around “Rick and Morty.” Rick kind of reminds me of Frank Gallagher, and the show is like the “Magic School Bus” but for grown-ups!

What’s new with you all?


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