#Korea is a weekly series on my blog documenting my time leading up to and during to my year in Korea. It’s very much unedited, stream-of-conscious writing! Check out the original post for a longer explanation here.

WEEK 12: JULY 2nd – JULY 8th

This was a busy week! I’ve been busy with some freelance work, and lots of driving. I was so close to driving to Chestertown, even booking my Airbnb, but I woke up July 4th to rain and I just didn’t want to deal with traffic and rain at the same time. I wound up sleeping and working before driving straight to New Jersey at midnight!

I got to my friend, Sean’s, city at exactly 12 p.m., managed to park my car and met him on his lunch break! I haven’t seen him in person since I graduated THREE years ago, and I consider him my 2nd little (which he aptly named himself). We just caught up on life, and hopefully, he’s coming to see me in Korea next summer!

I then drove to Jersey City, parked my car there overnight (Square Parking Garage is about a 10-minute walk from the PATH train station and only costs $16) before making my way into the city. I checked into Hotel Elysée, with whom I’m collaborating (post to come!) and promptly collapsed onto my bed. I stayed awake long enough for the wine and cheese time in their club room. I just remember showering and pulling out my laptop to do some work but being too tired to get the plug for it. So I watched some”Honest Trailer” videos and passed out, setting my alarm for 6 a.m.

I worked a little and then check out to meet Mikkel from Sometimes Home and Sher from Sher She Goes for lunch. It’s always so much fun meeting like-minded bloggers in person! Sher and I just started talking over Facebook, and Mikkel and I met because we both write for Rachel over at Department of Wandering

We went to Pokespot and then walked down to Chinatown to try this place called Taiyaki NYC for some fish ice cream (seen above). I’d actually had them in Korea, but these were so cute. Of course, you can see mine started melting almost instantly haha.

I then made my way back to Jersey City, hopped in my car and drove 3 hours to Rhode Island to my big, Corinne’s, boyfriend’s place where I’m watching their dog and cat while they go on a cruise. Corinne’s cat is like my OTL when it comes to cats (besides my cat, who died almost seven years ago), so obviously, I’m in heaven with her right now. Roxy, the dog, is a’ight too ;).

Also, I realized I wrote this whole recap when I actually have important news to share! I know where I’m going to be in Korea!


I’m actually not going through JLP, but taking a direct position with Suncheon’s government. My coordinator told me the news while I was in NYC, and I mailed all the signed contracts and paperwork to her on Friday! She just has to send everything over to Korea, and then I have to get the official paperwork, send it to the consulate in Manhattan, and get my passport and visa back.

I’m really hoping to get everything before I leave for Wyoming in two weeks, but I know that’s cutting it pretty darn close. I’m planning on being in Korea August 1st, but I haven’t booked my tickets yet for obvious reasons!

I don’t have much of a list this week, but what’s new with you guys?

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