While spending a week on my own in Cape Town, I decided to look into all the different sorts of activities I could do. It was midsummer for South Africa and I was alone, so I knew I had to forgo a few things I would have done otherwise (like hiking). When I was originally planning, I had wanted to go to Victoria Falls and experience a microlight ride. Since I scrapped those plans, I thought I’d look to see what sort of aerial activities were available in Cape Town. After some research, I discovered it was quite easy to take a helicopter ride and get some gorgeous views.

I had seen NAC Helicopters recommended on a few blogs, so I decided to reach out and see what kind of tours they offered during my stay. NAC offers five different tours, and I went with the Hopper Tour.

This tour offers views of the City Bowl, Sea Point, Camps Bay, Green Point, Clifton, and the Twelve Apostles.

I actually brought along a family friend of Lynsey’s, Hugo, and he made a really lovely video of the whole experience (you can see it here).

It was my first time in a helicopter ever, and the views are absolutely stunning. Finding a way to see a city from afar is always my number one thing to do, and this was even better.

There were only about four of us in the helicopter, a couple going on their first ride as well, and the pilot.

The Hopper Tour lasted about 20 minutes, and afterward, you’re treated to some champagne or juice where you can enjoy the sea views and have fun chatting about all the views you just saw. The V+A Waterfront is nearby, so it’s easy to move on to dinner or drinks.

It was such a lovely experience, and I highly recommend going for a helicopter ride while in Cape Town. Who needs a drone when you can just fly? :p


  • NAC requested we arrive about thirty minutes before the flight.
  • Since the whole event from arrival to finish is only a little more than an hour, you’ll have plenty of time to fit in other activities during your day.
  • To get the NAC’s headquarters, simply take a Uber there. From my place on Long Street to their HQ, the total cost was R45 or ~$3.
  • Don’t worry about what to wear. The other woman we went with wore a dress, and I wore leggings. We were both perfectly comfortable.
  • While I was a guest courtesy of NAC, you can get the ride yourself for R4,320 or (~$320) for a 4 Seater flight. The price is the same for one person or four, so if you go with friends you can split the cost amongst the four of you.

What cities have you done a helicopter ride in? I’m starting to think it might be the first thing I research in a new city!

Disclosure: Thank you so much to NAC Helicopters for collaborating with me. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Wow this sounds like an unforgettable experience! I’ve never been on a helicopter before but it’s definitely something I would love to do one day. Thought about doing it in NYC but it was so expensive!

  2. What! Those views are so sick! I have always wanted to do a helicopter ride and when we do it will be somewhere epic like Cape Town! Seriously who needs a drone when you can just take a helicopter?

  3. I have never done a helicopter ride either, but if you are going to do one, Capetown seems like the perfect place to do so. I mean look at those views !

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