You know, usually I say Asiana is always my favorite way to fly, but I may have fallen a little in love with Garuda Indonesia this last trip to Bali. It was such an amazing experience, and I was not expecting it at all. It was top notch service on all four of my flights, and I was blown away by the total experience. I can’t even imagine how spoiled business class must have been. Check out below for a full, in depth Garuda Indonesia Economy Review.


August 2016


From Incheon (ICN) – Jakarta (CGK) – Denpasar (DPS)
From Denpasar (DPS) – Jakarta (CGK) – Incheon (ICN)



Seating was actually pretty spacious. On most of my flights, economy was set up to be 2 – 4 – 2, and only the one plane from Densapar to Jakarta was 3 – 4- 3. I never felt crammed in, which does not happen on most flights! Leg room was comfortable, and even if the seat in front of me decided to recline, I didn’t feel like I lost half of my table space.


A little on the cooler side. Our last flight was actually a little chilly. However, the blankets they gave us were pretty thick. Definitely good for me temperature wise, I’d rather a plane be a bit too cold than too stuffy.


For the most part, the food was delicious. They hand out some candy in the beginning and show you a menu of what they’re planning to offer on the longer flight. We even had a full meal on our short flight between Jakarta and Densapar! In between they also gave us a bigger snack.

The only thing I wasn’t nuts about was the Western breakfast we got on the way back from Jakarta to Incheon. However, that was one meal of four, and it still wasn’t the worst airplane meal I’ve ever had. The Indonesian breakfast did look much better when I spied on the seat next to me *cough*.


Excellent! The staff did everything with a smile, was so attentive, and actually seemed to enjoy their jobs. There was one point where we asked for hot chocolate, but they didn’t have it out yet. Then for breakfast, hours later, our lady still remembered we wanted it! That, US airlines, is called customer service.

I do want to say this, though. To the fellow passengers on our flight, you all are filthy and disgusting. It was a 7 hour flight. I don’t understand how the sitting areas were so nasty walking out. Shame, shame, shame! They collected trash regularly! Crushed food on the floor, blankets strewn about, wrappers thrown everywhere. I don’t normally notice the state of planes afterwards, but this was so bad Elissa and I both in our dazed states noticed it. Bless the staff who had to clean up after you all, because it was gross.


Movie selection was perfect! I actually tried to stay awake on our red eye back to Seoul so I could keep taking advantage of all of them. If I remember correctly, I managed to see Miss You Already (surprisingly amazing), My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (very cute + very much for fans of the first), Our Brand is Crisis (I mean it’s Sandra Bullock!), The Reader (rewatched, just as good as the first time), and an old episode of “Modern Family” (classic). They had a ton of movies for all ages and languages.

As you can see from the review, I fell a little in love with Garuda Indonesia! Can you please just fly me everywhere forever and ever? I highly recommend this airline if you plan any trips to Indonesia, and hey if they happen to pop up when you search for flights elsewhere, know you’re in excellent hands!

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Words + Photograph by Samantha, Feature Image from Wikipedia

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  1. Hi Samantha,

    Fair review here.

    We always do Air Asia but hear the Garuda name in our SE Asian airport stays. Looks like a fab airline.

    I dig the Western breakfast usually but Indo is pretty tight. I too would have lovingly looked at my neighbor’s plates.

    As for the sloppy folks, some folks respect the plane, others, well….are kinda piggy LOL.


  2. Thanks for the review! We will definitely have to check them out! We are always on the lookout for airlines with ample leg room. Ryan is just too tall to fit into these budget airlines. Even Korean Air wouldn’t let us have the bulkhead while flying to America and that really shocked us as last year and the year before they gave it to us without hesitation. Gone are the days of customer service I suppose. Ryan has to regularly tell people in front of him to not recline because they dig their chair backs into his knees. Poor guy.

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