Recently, I got a new Twitter account for There She Goes Again, with the specific intent of building my social media presence, understanding its use in online marketing, and to help build traffic (which I had not been doing much of). In about 3 months I’ve grown it to over 3,000 followers, and it now accounts for about 25% of my social traffic. Guys, it’s worth it, and I’m here to give you some tips on how to grow your Twitter following. But first:


  • It’s great for B2B marketing. | I’ve noticed of all the platforms that are good at connecting your business to other businesses and brands, Twitter is the most effective.
  • It’s a decent driver for site traffic. | Okay, it’s not as effective as Pinterest or a popular Facebook page, but it still drives way more traffic than Instagram. And for as easy as it is to maintain a Twitter account, why not?
  • It’s a fun way to update your followers. | Have a funny thought or observation? Of the four SM accounts, Twitter is the best place to write about it.


1.  Follow A Lot of People | I’ve given this advice with Instagram, but people are always hesitant about appearing to follow over 1,000 people. Okay, fair enough. There’s a 7.5K limit on Instagram. However, with Twitter, there is no limit. And you’ll find most bloggers do follow quite a lot compared to their following, and that’s totally okay. For example, @mappingmegan has over 100K twitter followers, but she follows 50K. Big brands clearly still work with her, so don’t be turned off by having a high ratio. I suggest going through followers of similar accounts and finding the travel related ones and following them. RT their tweet if you want to try to get their attention

It’s also important to note that unlike Instagram, Twitter does not seem to have the viral tendencies. You have to work at growing your account. You know @gypsea_lust on instagram and her 528k followers? She has a whopping 2.2K on Twitter.

2.  Tweet Constantly | This might seem overwhelming at first, but Twitter has a super fast turnover rate. You need to be tweeting a lot to get in your followers and potential followers view. For reference, I tweet once every hour.

3. Use Hashtags | No, don’t try to max out your hashtags like Instagram, but use 2-3 to help get your account noticed.twitter-followers

4. RT Other People | Of course, I’m not tweeting my own things– that’s a bit spammy. Mix in your tweets with other people’s tweets. This even helps them notice you because, honestly, people aren’t tracking who is following them exactly on Twitter. Having an active account really helps boost yours.

5. Share Your Old Posts | One awesome way to take advantage of Twitter is to share your old posts that might not work with Instagram or Facebook and might be languishing in Pinterest. I share old posts 1-2 times a week, and I’ve been able to send some traffic towards my archives.

6.  Beautiful Graphics | The key to getting your tweet noticed is putting up informative and eye-catching graphics. That sounds obvious, but I see so many people just resharing their instagram photos with no context! Even more so than Pinterest, you want text on your photo. Use Canva presets or create your own in Photoshop.

Here’s the twitter pic I made for today.

7. Schedule Out Your Tweets | In case you’re wondering, I do not go on my Twitter every hour to RT someone or send out an old tweet. Nope, I use a scheduler. I pay $10/month for Buffer, but I’ve heard good things about Hootsuite and Tweetdeck as well. I somehow have the beta version of their Library, which allows you to store your tweets so you can just re-add them to your queue instead of creating a new one each time.

8. Join RT Threads | So wondering how I find other people to RT? I participate in threads in different groups. Right now I mostly do the RT thread in We Travel We Blog, but be warned– know what you’re doing before you join. There’s a lot of experienced bloggers and usually the thread gets up to 90 people a week.

A good one to practice or to join is in Travel Bloggers Mega Share. You only need to do 10 tweets for the week, so it’s good to get used to and then go up to the WTWB one.

9. Mix in More Content | I need to work on this myself. Don’t just share blog post after blog post. Add in other things– quote graphics, occasional shares from your instagram, random musings, songs of the day… It helps keep your feed moving.

10. Join Twitter Chats | Twitter chats are a great way to grow your account, and I can’t wait to start getting into them more when I’m in a better time zone! Basically, it’s a live chat focused around one topic (travel, tips, female travel, etc) using a specific hashtag. #TTOT is the most popular one I can think of, but I’ll update when I start doing more research.


And there you have it! Tips on how to grow your twitter following. Are you on Twitter? Let me know and be sure to follow along with at @thshegoesagain.

Photography by Ivory Mix

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  1. I love hoot suite and do use the FB groups you mentioned. They have such great content that I feel that I’ve got a good variety of content to tweet during the week. makes life easier instead of trying to find interesting content all the time. Definitely not at the tweet per hour level yet though!!

  2. Extremely useful post and I hope it will help get some more followers on Twitter. I bookmarked your site as I am sure it will come in handy as a starting travelblogger

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